Ending 2020 – – and starting 2021!

“Staring 2021” was how that “came out” initially, but I changed it to starting, but perhaps I should have left it at staring. Hehe.

Because I’ll be staring at a lot of feet, cocks, and balls in 2021 – not to mention ASSHOLES!

Both male and female, hehe.

And that I can guarantee.

I’ll also be staring at plenty of cock locks for one … which I’ll write about in Pooja Memsahib … JI! – Volume three.

The first two are selling “OTC”. Off the charts. So get ‘em now while “stocks last” (remember, paperback stocks take a while to be replenished!)

Just like sissy cum does, hehe.

But I’ll tell you one damn thing!

Us sisses can’t keep it hard or get it hard “normally”.

But show us feet, and cocks, and we’ll stay hard even AFTER cumming!

And humiliate us to the extreme, and we’ll never go limp.


Pooja Memsahib JI .. Volume TWO tells you about an intensely, excruciatingly, nauseatingly, HUMILIATING occurence – – one amongst many – – where I just never got “flaccid”!

Actually, I tell you many such occurences in that book, but I’m just getting started. Truly one for the ages this series and the most extreme ever, so grab it NOW.

And on that note, starting (and ending the new decade)?

Well, let’s see.

I ended up by finishing up the second Volume of Pooja Memsahib … JI!

I started it with a workout, hearing her voice “outside” (so I thought!) – and writing about femdom, and before all that?

Paying obesieance to THOSE THREE LADIES I sent you an email about a few hours back!

And thats how it SHOULD be done.

Do that thing which you want to happen most in your life.

Think about it.



And chances are you too, will start to attract femdom to YOU on auto pilot if you start thinking this way, my friend.

Do so now.

It’s the only way!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember to pick up the one and only definitive course on ATTRACTING TRUE (and keeping) REAL FEMDOM to you right here.

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