Remembering Madam Ji, reaffirming her total superiority, craven submission, pressing her head and feet … and paying for the PRIVELEGE AND HONOR!


In one of the Volumes of Sin City, I dont remember which one, I wrote about a foot massage worker at one of those foot massages places in China.

That I paid to give me a massage and a handjob.

The massage in itself wasOK. Nothing special, nothing spectacular.

But when it came time for the HJ, something was up. I could feel it!

Normally these girls would take your pants down first, but this girl? When I brought her hands to “it”, and I shouldnt have, actually – she snatched them away.

No big deal, I thought.

I took my cuck cock out … and …

THE LOOK OF ANGER IN HER EYES as she snatched her hands away again!


“I’m not touching that nasty thing!”

And this turned me on!

I jerked off. I also took her fingers to my nipples, and she expertly twirled them with – get this – MINIMUM EFFORT and it was so natural for her, those FOREFINGERS twirling around the SIDES, and BUDS of my nipples – chinese girls are naturals at it, and I’ve said this so many times before!!!!

And remember, minimum effort. She didnt even pinch the nipples.

I came in a gush. Torrent.

She pointed to tissues lying nearby.

Normally the girls would wipe the mess off.

She wouldn’t even do that.

“Wipe, boy!”

and once it was all said and done – get this.

Madam complained about her headache!

“Tong!” (it’s hurting), she said, pointing to the center of her forehead as if it was my job to press her head.

Which it was. OF course!

Believe it or not, I spent the last half hour of the two hours massage at a time I should have been relaxing the MOST if you get my drift – pressing her head and shoulders.

And – – I paid her for the HJ TOO!

Then there was THAT girl who I paid for a handjob and nothing more.

Was supposed to be done with lotion obviously.

But the girl even more obviously did NOT like her job and did not want to do it.

“No lotion!” she replied when I asked.

“Mei you”, she went. As rudely as she coul dsay it without being directly rude if you get my drift!

She twirled my nipples idly.

“When will this be over”, I could feel her thinking.

Shly, I pulled her feet to me, or tried to. She resisted.

But then … suddenly, her eyes flickered with that innate dominance.



And she plonked one foot on my chest harder than she needed to, and I saw that sole, that lovely SOLE, and thats all it took.

I had to clean up myself again.

Later, I heard her complaining to her colleagues in the dark, dimly lit hallway.

“This idiot wanted my feet” she was yelling, irritated and angry at having to work!

How dare I! Her perfect feet, those lovely petite SOLES!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI!

Then of course perfect, supreme Madam Bao Bao and her cracked heels.

And that LOOK in the eye.

“Your girlfriend will be very happy, BOY!!”

And this morning I twirled my nipples while remembering these three ladies.

The magic was – is – and always will be there!

I remembered their feet. Their soles. Most of all, the look of IRRITATION and the vibe.

“I’m superior, boy! I deserve your money and you need to give it to me!”

That they do!

That they DO.

And I even put a finger – middle finger in my ass to remind me – again – of my place.


It’s all about her, her whim, and her having her cake and eating it too.

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FAR, FAR more in that compilation …and, no, just “Staying on the list for free stuff” wont work. IF thats the only reason you’re on it, might as well unsubscribe now …

And thats what I gotta say for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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