Sisses – and CUCKS – exist to PLEASE – and serve!

Amongst all my other disjointed dreams last night, one stood out.

Pun intended!

“Rueben”, yes, him of that lovely white cock, just the right size, the head so luscious and pink, the pee hole SO Evident on that cut cock called up.

“Can I come over”, he said.

I was hemming and hawing. Iff and offing.

“Maybe”, I said, not sure. . . I think I was busy or something . . .

He pulled me close to “sweeten the deal” (cum is sweet too, boy!! ;))

“How about this”, he said. “I’ll pleasure you this time!”

I didnt think much of it in the dream,

But he came over.

And as soon as that cock was pulled out, oh boy.

I dropped down.

Licked his glans. The pee hole! For some reason, the head and pee hole really featured in the dream …or thats what I thought about first thing upon waking up, at least.

“How can I let this cock NOT be pleasured”, I said.

He moaned as my tongue hit just that right spot on his cock head …

“Ahhh!” , he moaned. “And yes!”

My tongue on his cock. His balls. His pee hole, and of course his fragrant ROSEBUD!

Under his balls. Everywhere he wants!

That long lovely cock came to mind, it of the meme where it said “your girlfriend wants committment and a diamond ring, but your sissy just wants to drain your BALLS!”

That massive curved cock staring at me, and if it’s like me, phimotic, where Madam Ashley “couldn’t see the head” (as she said, why I can’t see the HEAD, boy!) … my tongue in the folds draped tightly around the elephant trunk …

But really, point begets.

Same thing with ladies.

And thats why virtually all the ladies I’ve paid to serve me … the reverse has ended up happening, and I’ve paid them too!

A lady I once know Maria said the following when I told her about it.

“You’re kind”, she said.

But she’s such a Goddess, I replied.

Maybe, laughed Maria.

But you paid her, she said.

And I did.

And I served her.

And I loved doing it.

Paye Lagu, Madam … and Sir! Yours truly cucked and sissfied is always at service!


Mike Watson

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