Why I LOVE – so LOVE – the “thumb and forefinger” gesture ladies make!

And especially Chinese ladies.

Oh … BOY!

You know the one I’m talking about, right?

But just now, as I saw perfect Madam Susan’s picture… and those soles … and her FRIENDS’sfeet, and lower legs (normal things for everyone, but for yours truly TRULY sissifed, it sends me into paraxoyms of DELIGHT just by looking at them!) i had to write to you about it!

Oh … boy!

Perfect Madam Susan, Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! Y ou’re so ravishingly …. SUPERIOR is the only word!!

And thats why I penned the 15 odes to YOU, of course.

But anyway, when I see ladies making that sign?

And especially Chinese ladies?

Well, I had an argument about this once with a girl I know!

I was talking to her about how girls (Chinese girls) are natural at both femdom and findom.

She agreed with the first.

But of course, wouldn’t to the second, hehe (but thats because I hadn’t bought her shoes as yet! ;)).

And according to her, this sign was for “love”.

Not money!

But hey.

And as she said “you dont know Chinese girl well!”, I had to say the following.

Is it a coincidence that the sign for “love” is the same as the UNIVERSAL sign for money, thumb rubbing against forefinger?

But what I didnt tell her was the vibe.

There is a LOOK in these ladies’s eyes when they make that sign and THAT is the turn on!


It could be Madam Christina sending me pictures of herself with her kid, normally NOT a turn on obviously because of the setting.

But those eyes!

The look!

And when they make that sign the eyes GLEAM!

I can still FEEL IT!

And they KNOW, and I KNOW, and they know I KNOW!

And all true findom, femdom lovers, cucks and sissies and everything in between know!

“I’m superior to YOU, boy! It’s MINE! You exist to serve ME!”

And thats what that look says, and the sign!

And I’ll be back soon!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!


Mike Watson

PS – I LOVE findom so much!

PPS – Read the submissive musings compilation for tips on how YOU, the prospective sub can get a dominant lady to not just dome you – but FINDOM you. Believe me, it’s all about money, and the sheer rush cannot be beat!!

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