Open the bathroom door, boy! I want to see how well you cleaned it!

So, was chatting with my S.O. this afternoon (after lunch).

And after a very thorough “cleaning” session if I might say so, and NO, this wasn’t personal cleaning as is done for me regularly.

Or “release”, or “emptying” I should say.


What do I mean?

Well, those of you into P spot play will know what I’m talking about . . . that useless cum builds up to unsustainable levels for the sub often times, and usually, and it’s unhealthy to ‘keep it in’ for so long.

And so it needs to be released, but not via an orgasm, of course! ? Subs don’t deserve REAL man orgasms. Sissy gams, yes, but the purpose is not so much the sheer sensation of ectasy that comes from sissygams done right (and repeatedly, over and over again – – oh BOY! Or Girl!) but “releasing that nasty fluid” so the sub stays clean from the inside out, and hornier than ever!

And those of you that have done this, or do this on a regular basis know what I BE Talking about.

I’ve often spoken about the power of sexual transmutation before, and how male sexual energy properly channeled can accomplish what might seem like a MIRACLE to the uninitiated.

And it’s true my friend.

Sexual energy (for the man) is truly the elixir of creativity in all regards.

Femdom too.

Take the lust away, and what do you have?

A damn squib . . . or should I say DAMP. Hehe. Or both!

And this can be seen any time a male is allowed to orgasm real man style, and the refractory period which can sometimes last for days. Not what a good Domina would want, of course! ? Hehe.

Anyway . . .

I was cleaning nothing other than the BATHROOM.

And for some reason, although we often have a cleaning lady to come do the cleaning (I’ll let you figure that one out by the way!), she hadn’t done a good job.

And funnily enough, I saw one of these cleaning ladies sitting in the park the other day.

She had small, petitie feet, the toes painted RED.

The soles tired and dusty, and the toes stubby, and it was all I could do not to prostrate myself at those perfect feet and beg to lick the grime and dust of several households off her lovely SOLES!

And anyway . . . so as I scrubbed and cleaned the tiles, floor and toilet clean, I felt like a true sissy, and told my S.O. about it later.

“Hmm! Open the door, boy! Let me see how well you cleaned it!”

And she noticed the cleaning, despite it being about 40 % or so done (by my own admission).

“What do you think” I timidly asked.

“I can see the walls are cleaner for one!” she remarked back.

With a smirk . . .

“Damn, you noticed that too!”

“We’re smart, boy! We notice everything!”

And so they do, my friend. So they do.

Women are truly the . . . BEST, BEST and very BEST!

Paye Lagu, Malking . . . JI!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read plenty of tales about women that made me do my own cleaning, theirs, and more!

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