Susan, you’re just such a GODDESS!!

And thats why I devoted TWO posts to her, and made the heroine of part of the Madam Carrie series!

Ive known her for a few years now, and every time that INNATE dominance strikes me like a sockful of sand between the eyes!

Or behind the ears, as her hand often would.

Rub my feet harder, boy! (or legs).

And of course, the imperious gesture, the LOOK in the eyes.

What a perfect GODDESS she IS!

What a dominant force of NATURE!

And those feet – those lovely SOLES … !! I’ll never ever forget them, perfect Madam … JI!

And as I chatted with her this morning, you know what the best part was?

“Read your words, feel spirit, even if I’m tired a few minutes ago!”

“Feel very happy!”

And so forth.

THAT to me is really what makes me happy, is that she adores the worship.

And loves it.

And subconsiously enjoys, wants and DEMANDS IT!

And right now, I want to buy her shoes – again, hehe.

And here is what I will tell her.

Typed out on a phone.

On the spur of the moment. Here goes!

Perfect Madam Susan … ☺️

I just have to say it again. You’re such a Queen! 

Your feet and soles are so beautiful, Goddess. In fact your mind, as we spoke I like the most…. ?. 

Intelligent, also knowing … And your eyes. I know you for a few years now, and the feeling didn’t change, haha. 

I think in another life, you can be an Empress in China, relaxing with slaves next to you. Maybe I can kneel in front of you. 

May I ask you what’s your foot size , Perfect Madam Susan? 34? 36? 

And you know why I am asking … 

??? (And you deserve it, as I’m sure you would agree). 

(I haven’t edited or added more emoticons, but I might do so once I send it to her!)

I JUST HAVE TO! She’s regal and commanding – – just so REGAL!

Well, my friend, I dont know what she will say. We’ll wait and see!

But for now, read the story of Madam Pearl, another tale that started out (somewhat) like this …

Madam is married now, but … she was one of the best fin dommes ever, and I’ll always love her for it!

Go HERE to read all about her.


Mike Watson

PS – Findom should be and IS integral to real femdom, and I’ve written about this before. All about money, BOY! As Christina rightly said, no money, no beautufyl things, boy!

PS #2 – And thats why the entire Submissive Musings series is centered around just that. Grab it now, and dive in. You fin dom enthusiasts wont be able to control yourself once you read it!

“Out of control”, as Madam Carol once told me, and Tracy too. Both right, hehe.

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