And the best thing I could wake up to, the most PROFOUND OF all poses!!


A Chinese Goddess lying there, without a care in the world, on the bed, feet crossed, BIG FEET, the SOLES SO BEAUTIFUL AND HUGE!

Yes, if you’re well versed with Chinese culture, you know that it’s about “small soles” to them and small feet, foot binding and so forth.

Fooey. Most of the chinese women I’ve been with – they’ve had both small feet and big feet – but all equally gorgeous!

This lady is small “in build” but has HUGE SOLES!

So nice, so wrinkled, I’d PAY TO WORSHIP THOSE – I remember thinking as I woke up thinking!

A RUSH OF BLOOD to my loins if nothing else…it’s a PROFOUND, one of those very profound poses!

And Madam … well, she has no tweets. I dont even know who “owns” the Twitter for that account.

But its … the BEST thing I could wake up to this morning.

I’d literally PAY To massage those feet, I’d beg!

And this is just a bit of an ode to her!

For more such profound “make me WEAK” poses – go HERE and get the book now.

And for odes to truly gorgeous and stunning female forces of domination, well, there are plenty HERE.



Mike Watson

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