More on Goddess Susans’s lovely imperious SOLES!

And, her friends.

I think what really did it was ALL the ladies together, enjoying themselves on a cruise ship (with whose money, I wonder! ;)) … and their SOLES on full display, along with their lower legs (and a cuck (most likely) sitting at the back!)

I’d love to be that hen pecked cuck!

And of course, imperious Goddess Susan in all her poses I referred to in the last email!

That pose of her sitting on a comfy chair really set me off! ONE leg, ONE SOLE visible!

The other foot ready to kick!

Paye Lagu, Madam ji!

Go fetch my friends a drink, boy, I can just hear her saying!

The sheer confidence SHINES through!

The dominance – and the innate ARROGANCE, and knowing I’m notbing but the DUST under those massive lovely SOLES, and knowing that I love it, and the satisfaction (hers!) that comes from it!

(and mine too!)

Anyway, I spent a lot of time (it seems!) cleaning cum up last night.

My own.

ALL I did was flick my nipples – NO techniques from the book on ruined orgasms.

NO sissygasms. I thought about it, but so turned on was I that one finger in my ass would be ALL it would take! 😉

And so nipple flicks and thinking of her VOICE, those commanding EYES, those SOLES …

“Talk to my soles, boy!”

And those long nights spent pressing her feet, soles and legs – just as she wanted .

And my cuck dick grew to sizes hitherthto unheard of.

Thats funny eh. For us cucks and sissies normal sex makes it shrivel up. Sissy sex does too!

But soles, feet and humiliation!

And I can still smell the sweet cum on that cloth this morning, hehe.

Paye Lagu, perfect Madam Susan . You make it all so worth it!


Mike Watson

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