“I have other choices, BOY!”

Oh … boy!

Paye lagu, Goddess JI!

And the Goddess I’m referring to here is perfect Madam Christina, who threw me for a loop yet again yesterday with those pics!

I belive I remember talking to YOU on this list about it?

But anyway, the sheer dominance shining through.

The vibe.

OF wanting to USE me for what I’m worth, and then some, and then discard me!

Such a natural at findom and femdom is she, and all these other lovely Chinese ladies, and as she keeps calling me so she can practice her English for free (which I didnt answer as yet, hehe) – I have this to say.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!

It hasn’t gotten to that point as yet, but it will soon.

And at that point, she can ass rape me all day for all I care – and want. 😉

Paye Lagu, Christina Madam – you deserve to use me, and hyou know it! (and all men too, hehe).

Last night, she was working late. Around 3 aM or so.

And she sent me a text.

“I can find you customers, boy!”

I dont need them, of course. Hehe. But, I didnt say that … I just thanked her.

And then … here is what I said.

“Madam, you need to sleep now. It’s late! Youre exhausted! Should I press your feet? Head?”

her reply?

“Yes! I need it now! Come here IMMEDIATELY, boy!”

She;s such a QUEEN!

She wanted some of my books “for free”.

Which in fairness I couldn’t give her.

But it’s a massive turn on nonetheless, she’s such a Goddess, and is pretty upfront aboyt USING me! 😉

And so it should be.

Men are nothing but the dirt under a woman’s sole or shoe, boy! I’ve said it before, and I say it again. ‘We” exist to be used, abused, and then thrown away by these lovely dominant LADIES like toilet paper – if thet allow you to use that in the first place, hehe.

More on that later.

Adios for now – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – in terms of “toilet slavery”, I haven’t found anyone that did it BETTER than perfect Ms. Priyanka. Read all about her right here first, and then the Sequels where it REALLY gets good HERE.

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