Are fetishes “weird”?

Dear Reader

Today I’ll touch upon a topic that is controversial, and has been well discussed both online and offline many times – and yet, there seems to be no one “conclusive” answer to a simple question that to me, is blindingly simple to answer – both from a logical and emotional perspective.

I was chatting with a girl today online who claimed that “toe suckers and butt lickers” are wierd – which in turn came from a prior discussion about blowjobs, and how (according to this lady) women didn’t really “like giving” blowjobs.

I’d disagree very vociferously with the first, of course – and the second – while I understand a bit of where is coming from – it’s all about the VIBE – and PASSION – true passion.

She clearly hasn’t experienced this in her life – but either way, this reminded me of a scene Ive outlined a few times in my books and writings.

‘Twas a night outside a sorority dorm in the Southern United States, I believe, when my then – girlfriend jumped out of the car, and literally yelled at me for a reason not related to fetishes (it was a simple lover’s tiff) – and literally implored me to go to counseling for … what?

… my foot fetish!

Though I was 19 at the time, the idea of going to counseling for a fetish such as this was so asinine that I couldnt help but laugh.

That wasn’t the right solution to the problem we were facing, of course, but it’s mind boggling as to how many people think that kink is “strange”!

The vast majority of folks out there have this flawed belief of what is “normal”, of course- and anything other than the norm is “weird” to them.

Curiously enough – or not – ALL these people aren’t happy with the way their lives are as of this moment – and are usually the ones stuck in minimum wage jobs – or unsatisfying positions in life – or whatever – but you get my drift.

As the great (the greatest, I should say!) Napoleon Hill correctly said, “Closed minds don’t inspire faith“!

Is it a coincidence that most TRUE BDSM/fetish enthusiasts I’ve met (note – I’m talking TRUE fetish as opposed to “getting one’s rocks off”) are some of the most intelligent people out there that have actually DONE something – not only in terms of fetishes or keeping an open mind -but also with their LIVES in general?

I think not, my friend – as I’ve said repeatedly, there ain’t no such beast as coincidence!

The 2000 remake of Get Carter had Sylvester Stallone eating dinner with his niece (in the movie) – and at one point they got to where the niece was saying “You’re so freaky!” (for a completely non fetish or related reason, by the way).

Those that have seen the movie will recall the response.

Well, we’re all a little … freaky, Doreen! It’s those straight ones we gotta worry about…

Truer words were never ever spoken, my friend. And if you’re one of those people that is getting roundly criticized for your fetish – or if you’ve got your S.O. hankering at you to go to counseling (believe me, I’ve been there!) – well – then – that above line is one you should respond with – for STARTERS.

Furthermore, who is anyone to really “judge” or “classify” consenting sexual acts between adults? Who really has the right to go into someone else’s bedroom – or, in terms of BDSM, their MINDS – and “judge”?

I don’t think even the most ardent of those who are on the “weird” spectrum of this argument would answer with anything else other than “no-one does”.

Last, but not least, what is “normal”?

How is a blowjob, for instance, any different from a foot fetish in terms of a pure turn on for whoever enjoys it – and logically speaking, why would be a foot fetish be any different from a boob fetish – and why would one be “socially condoned” but not the other?

So long as it’s SAFE, sane and consensual – well – that is ALL that counts!

The world would be a far better and easier place for ALL concerned if folks would just keep an open mind – and on that note, that is that for today, my friend.

I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S – Princess Joanie is unabashedly proud of having men at her feet with a flick of her fingers – and if humiliation is your thang – well – this Goddess – this lovely Chinese Southern belle – this lovely lady with the prettiest feet and soles in Southern China does it – the BEST – and here is how – –

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