Plum made him CUM at work!

If y’all don’t know Plum Blossom as yet – yall aint even been paying attention, and you’re on the wrong site. HEhe. or list, what have you!

Lovely Plum has been making no secret of her cock love, she never does.

And all morning long, it’s been nothing but COCK!

Anyway, a sexy French guy had (apparently) asked me to DM a while back, I forgot, and today I dmed him.

His dick is so LONG! So CURVED, manly – I’ve written about that sort of dong in Penis Central, it makes me so weak!

And – I’m not the only girl getting weak. Hehe.

But anyway, I messaged him, and he sent me more pictures – not to share, but to show me how hard he was at work, underneath the dress shirt, his hairy pubes showing, his lovely UNDERWEAR which I’d sniff the scent of his so manly balls all day!

IT’s so NICE!

Sir, can I LICK beneath your foreskin, I had to ask him!

Anyway …

That should show you what I mean. Hehe. Anyway, what is the point of me telling you this – that you already know? (or SHOULD know)?

Well, if a few words from me can make manly men cum in their pants – or almost – … well, think about what my words in NOVEL – book – format – will do to YOU!

Cuckold Compilations, my friend, is the HOTTEST EVER.

And so are my Chinese femdom books, and everything else.

Get your fill on – NOW!


Mike Watson

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