Press my feet like I told you, boy!

Pooja taught me this one.

Pooja mesahib … JI!

Pooja Madam … JI!

And all the ladies I’ve been with have done so as well to varying degrees.

Madam Susan, her of the “talk to my soles, boy!” often emphasized this as well, without a smack, but with that LOOK in the eye and RAISED FOREFINGER – which was even more powerful from a subconscious standpoint!

She truly KNEW – she was – and IS – a natural at domination!

Female domination, of course. 😉

And as I sit here, leaking away copiously (well, I’m hard right now – not leaking) – I just got an idea for something else I want to share with you. Which I will soon!

But for now, back to Pooja Madam Ji.

“Tere ko jaise sikhaya, waise daba!”


(That translates into this … Massage me like I taught you, boy!)

Many many years ago, I saw a “guru” in India telling his servant the same thing.

“Aajkal koi “seva” nahi karta”, he was lamenting (the guru).

(No-one server other people these days!)

And teh poor servant squatting on his haunches, THAT Position Ms. Priyanka made me get into SO often was washing his feet over and over again, and assidiously pressing the soles.

Often times, he’d lie down on the bed and get his feet pressed by another servant. His feet, and calves, and I visited him once (not for any purpose mentioned on this site – different story that one!) and when I saw it, instant hard on – that I tried to hide!

I was only 12 at the time, hehe. Or perhaps 13.

Anyway, the point begets.

Massage her like SHE wanted, boy!

And as Pooja gently snored last, I was pressing her lovely, somewhat cracked soles over and over again just liek she taught me.

She likes the BALLS of the feet massaged more than the arches, but then she doesnt wear high heels!

Those ladies that DO wear high heels like the arches massaged more!

And as I remember tellin ga lady from Belgium MANY years ago – the slave should LOOK at the foot – the SOLE – and figure out how to massage it best – along with the instructions he gets, of course!

Truly “talking to the soles”, as perfect Madam Susan taught me so many times!

Over and over again.

And as I say over and over again and as I was about to at the start of the email, but didnt …

Paye Lagu, Madam JI! You make it all worth it!


Mike Watson

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