My Club and Juice

And both be coming!

“The juice’s coming!”

“Product consumed!”

Would you believe it, friend.

While eating a very tasty meal of watermelon, I was recently , well, not told this – but I heard it – no mistake.

Could be the Universe talking to me.

Could and would also make for a great, great fantasy in a cuckold movie – Glyn Bozo style as he “laps it all up happily”.

He’s sending us here emails to the order of “Beta Fag Glyn“, so hey. Might as well use him as the faggot star.

Except, they dont want phat Phockers. Hehe.

Well, acutally in that movie the cuck ate chocolate out of the Stud’s ass, the cuck was fat and ugly!

And right down to the Filipina chick and the guy both hammering him in the bollocks, and th eBozo wanting MORE of the same… fits Glyn to a T. Hehe. He’s probably sissygasming to it right NOW!

Bozo Schofield is one of a kind, the lowest of th elow.

so Bozo, if you’re reading this, you should be doing two things.

One, thanking your lucky stars a person like me is even mentioning you here on this superb site… (or emai llist).

And two?

You should be kissing my fitness friend’s feet repeatedly.

More too, but I doubt he would want you to do anythin more.

in fact, hed probably run in the opposite direction if he even saw you approaching with those stained teeth of yours.

But anyway, feet aside…

I DO have a club. Hehe.

YES, my dick is neither small – nor non existent – nor not thick.

It’s quite long and probably thicker than most studs out there!


I just have so fun being a cuckold and submissive!

And while length isn’t an area I’m endowed with, it’s still longer than average – big time.


Ain’t for nothing that … ah, but we’ll let it be, but you remember the porn star comments a person once made to.

“You’ll be a porn star!” I still remember him saying. 

Anyway …

Saw a gal today – Chinese no less telling a sissy with castration desires (like the faggot I wrote about in Serving an Indian Goddess) …

I cant quote … well, lets try!

Twitter willing…

One egg or two eggs, in fact, there is not much difference, the same can be erected and ejaculate. As for the two eggs are cut off, in fact, you can still get an erection and ejaculate, but you can’t get pregnant. However, your trash chickens, small eggs, watery inferior semen, basically no pregnancy ability, and no eggs are not bad. After castration, it will make you more maiden physically and psychologically, and worry about being affected. If found, you can also make up two silicone eggs.

My response?

lmao. this chick has it spot on !

(And I’m typing that, it brought the same reaction in me again).

…. then I made fun of some phimotic penises.

hey. I know a thing or two about that “elephant snout” That Carol for one so loved!

That Ashley complained about.

Why I can’t see the head, BOY!

And … my own dong?


I was asked that because I follow my fitness friend’s routines, he’s (in addition to his own gigantic club he swings quite often) – got a REAL club he swings.

For fitness.

Truly the real deal he is, the REAL MAN we ALL Want to be…

And this guy – or rather, your struly with his dong?

I swing it a lot…

.. only to bash my bollocks, hehe.

True, I’ve swung it on many a face in my timetoo!

But, being a cuckold an dsubmissive sissy is where it’s at!

And last, but not least, I’ve been meaning to say this a while – especially I saw a picture of some dude’s castrated bollocks on Twitter.


Although it likely isn’t that painful, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER WANT THAT – or do it!

To each his or her own.

But to me, the balls are key to achievement in any sphere!

Take the man’s testosterone away, you take away the achievement, friend – either submissive or otherwise.

And I for one – would never ever want that.

That isn’t even mentioned as a fantasy in my books.

… But, I leave the door open in the Sequel to Serving an Indian Goddess for those of you that love it!

Well my friend, I feel pressure building.

I gotta go, prostrate wise!

Hehe. ill leave that hang.

In the meantime, well – you know what to do!


Mike Watson

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