When he’s too drunk to cum … !

So, I’ve written about THIS before as well!

And before you ask me when, it’s related to my friend and his lovely white cock, but its also related to men in general, and Madam Candice’s man perhaps, although he wasn’t drunk! ?

He just got off on squirting … much like I get off on HIM “squirting” and me too!

I’ll let ya’ll figure out that one, and what type of squirting is associated with WHO!

NO PRIZES for guessing right tho, hehe.

Anyway, so my friend.

He was so drunk one night that after we went to bed, I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night.

I heard the fridge door open. IT was him.

“Oh, perhaps getting another beer”, I thought, in a half drunken stupor of sorts.

But he wasn’t, apparently, as I heard water falling.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I fell back asleep.

The next morning, I woke up to a large puddle of “water” on the floor! Right in frontj of the fridge.

So I asked him (he was already there) what it was.

“I, uh…”

“What?” I queried, not understanding.

“I was so drunk I thought the fridge was the toilet, and I pissed in front of it, and …”


And I broke into racous peals of semi drunken laughter, and so did I, albeit in an embarrassed manner.

I still snicker thinking about that …

But that aside, he was often too drunk to really cum!

So was Jeremy of that magnificent cock a lot of times (but he wasn’t too drunk to get ROCK HARD with me sucking it!).

And without further ado, as a cuck, if your Master can’t cum?

OR as a sissy?

You’re NOT doing a good job, boy!

Your job is his pleasure and hers, and in terms of his, to give HIM the most spectacular REAL man orgasm as were EXACTLY AS HE LIKES, while you keep leaking or get sissygasms (but your sissygasm is not the point, boy. It just happens!).

And your dick STAYS locked preferably, straining at the bits (literally!) as it struggles to get hard to “piss cum out!”

Erotic, erotic, erotic!

And as I think of locked up cocks, here is what I and any real sissy should do to make him cum if he’s too drunk!

Suck on his nipples. Flick them gently. Breathe on them. You never know … he might just and probably will LOVE IT!

His ears!

Dress up as a perfect sissy, and be as beaitful for him and her as you can to make the experience better, boy!

Those red lips on his cock. His earlobe. His nipples. Maybe even his lips.

Suck his toes!

Lick his ass .. both the CRACK – and the area beneath the balls and REQUEST permission to smooch his asshole, and then service it royally like the TREASURE it is (don’t forget the balls – and that last bit has never failed to bring an explosive orgasm especially with Madam riding or sucking him, no matter how drunk he is!).

Don’t be scared to stick a finger gently in his ass, and suck his dick at the same time.

There’s nothing wrong with stimulating his prostrate. Drunk or not, he will INVOLUNTARILY “release” and combined with a blowjob, that’s one of the best orgasms he’ll ever have.

Trust me – I know! ?

And there’s more to this, but for now, true cucks and sissies – always make sure he cums – that’s the point of all this, boy!


Mike Watson

PS -Madam Candice was so lovely! And so were all the other ladies that dominated me so NATURALLY and expertly, but the “naturally” part is what a huge turn on! You can read about them right HERE!

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