I need to be fucked in the ass . . . SO BAD!

(After the recent posts on being “gay” or the newsletter being so, and the gorgeous long black COCKS us CUCKS like so much, I had to say this! ;)).

As I’m doing writing my Medium piece on the gorgeous Mistress Dana and the equally and even more dominant Perfect Goddess Ms. Priyanka, so perfect that even spreading her ass cheeks after she went is a great honor, I need to be . . .

. . .

. . .



Big time!

Preferably a slim black man, not unlike Madam Priyanka’s lover she often invited over.

Or, TWO of them, Master Leroy being one of them . .. that took me so brutally in a manner I’ll always, always remember! ?

In and out, in and out, and funnily enough, yours truly LOVES that now.

Funnily enough, or maybe not, it’s the only sex he (she) prefers!

And right about now, after writing this if there is anything I want to do more . . . it is suck cock. And be fucked, and serve Madam!

Lick his ass and balls while he fucks her.

Stick my tongue DEEP inside her ass, and his!

If he needs to piss, I’d hold his penis as he went. Thank you, Master!

Or, as Master Kendrick once did in Goa, I’d simply let him go and watch the pee FLOOD out of his lovely long CUT cockhead . . .

Or as Mistress Su made me do, I’d hold his cock while he pissed into a bottle, and save it in the fridge, and chill it.

While he drank his chilled beer, and cradled Madam Su in her arms, guess what drink I got.

His chilled pee!

And while that isn’t mentioned in Sophia Bai- the sequel, just as yet, guess what is.

Plenty of ass worship, plenty of cuckoldry, plenty of WOMAN WORSHIP, and the last is most important, of course!

It all starts, begins, finishes, and ends with her, BOY!

And as Madam Alexa once told me when I was HORNY as heck, and craving cock like I do now,

“It’ll happen! There are no two ways around it!”

And she was right.

Our deepest and truest desires are really what come true at the end of the day, and whether that’s an Indian lady sneering at me and those lovely, BROAD soles, or a Chinese lady doing what she does and DOMINATE me – – or a black stud smacking me around with his lovely, long cock that DANGLES AND MOVES as he walks, those lovely slim thighs wanting to be kissed, that lovely ass meaning to be worshipped . . . those balls that hang low . . .

. . .I am truly the REAL DEAL in terms of fuckoldry . . . or should I say CUCKOLDRY . . .and am truly qualified to write to you wannabe cucks about it, hehe.

And that’s that for now. I best take my mind off all of this, hehe.


Mike Watson

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