Sissy Confessions, and one I’ll make to perfect Madam Megan tomorrow morning!

She is SO PERFECT! And it’s all happened so fast, my friend – so fast!

It usually does happen very fast with me, of course – much like Helga Rolfe in one of James Hadley Chase’s famous books “I hold all the aces” or perhaps the four aces (hehe – spades too!).

“She works fast, doesnt she!” laughs a police inspector at the end of the story to “Archer”, a scammer formerly in bed with Madam – who bested him – and didnt let herself be cheated by him(with some help from a kindly butler. Pun not intended, it isn’t “Glyn Butt-ler” we are talking about here!).

I mean, it ain’t even been a week since I have known her, and she’s already done what even Princess Joanie did not – turn me into even more of a simpering, gibbering sissy that I Already am!

What lovely makeup she has been putting on me for one!

Sissy Confessions sounds like another book in the making – maybe it is, and I’ll put this in it, but for now, remember I’ve been talking about how much of a struggle it is NOT to cum in pant?

Well, although I won that struggle – somewhat (I still leaked at night) – for the last week or so, today – it finally happened – this evening.

“Ma’am, thank you so much for telling me to flirt with him!”

She giggled back…

“Send me the pictures!”

“Well, didnt you want to!”

YEs, if I’m a girl, I should. After all, his dick was so sexy, Princess! I felt so weak… I know Madam is laughing, right?

She giggled again

You feel ashamed, dont you!

Anyway …

I sent her the dick, and as she said those words, as she uttered them, I just exploded without even getting hard, I tried desperately to stop myself, but I couldn’t!

That familiar sticky wetness in my pants. Just like a girl, as Master Wang’s lovely wang (almost) swung in front of my nose, that lovely penis HEAD!

Feet and cock, boy! Feet and cock!

And though it’s been hours later, I’ve had workout #2 of the day, writing this to you, my nipples are PERT – and I’ll gush out again at a moment’s notice …

This wasn’t a sissygasm. My penis didnt even get hard as it does for men towards the end of a sissygasm!

It wasn’t ruined either, it wasn’t even nipples, since I never touched it, but oh my, the WETNESS!

I truly felt like a bimbo, which is what Madam has turned me into, and I feel SO NICE!

But anyway …

She didnt much like the dick!

“ugly”, she said.

But I suspect she said that more because girls dont like guys sending them dick pics out of the blue.

“Every guy has a Tin Tin like that!”

(for some reason, penis translated to tin tin. Hehe).

But I’v ebeen telling her how I love that penis, and she’s been giggling quietly.

She’s also been very directly, and explicitly wanting MONEY.

“GIve me 58 RMB, I’m short!”

This for a mask – MAdam buys them for 398 RMB – even more than what Madam Pearl, and she spent a lot bought them for !


The other day, she wanted money for a dance class.

All this BEFORE she turned me into a gibbering pansy, more than I already am!

Truly, I’ve been GIBBERING!

And then –

“Ma’am, thank yo uSO MUCH for letting me pay for you, Ma’am, it’s such an honor!

Ma’am, I’ve been wanting to buy you shoes anyway”, I gushed (I did!). 

She shook her head.

“No shoes!”

“I’m picky!”

Then she sent me the pictures of shoes she DID want. Hehe.

But it wasn’t the ones I picked out for her, of course. Madam is so NICE!

She is so DOMINATING, oh my!

And the confession I want to make, as if this wasn’t enough.

Well, about the lovely DONG!

She’s asleep now, so I will send her a short text to the end of “Ma’am, I have a short confession to make tomorrow. You please sleep well, respectfully, Mike”.

Ma’am, I hope you are sleeping well. I am sorry (honestly) I am not below your feet, pressing your soles while you sleep … MA’am, perfect Madam Megan, you’re really very nice, thank you so much .

Tomorrow, I want to make a small confession to you, if you dont mind. I will tell you when you wake up, I just have to be honest.

I like you giggle about it but the main thing is, I want to be honest (as you instructed me to. I never talk indirectly, but the other day you felt I did, so now, I make sure that doesnt happen). Thank you SO MUCH!

Respectfully, Mike

I so want to massage her feet for hours..

But anyway – short confession?

“Ma’am, I know guys should not be sending dick pics, I keep telling people that myself. I know thats why you said he was neurotic.

I know you thought it was ugly, but Ma’am, you’re a good girl…”

(she told me she was a good girl, didnt go to bars!)

“… so of course, you wouldn’t like such thing, but I’m such a bad girl, as you know, Ma’am! I leak all the time, I SO want to pleasure men like a real sissy girl … and I so love you telling me to flirt with men, and please them!

Ma’am, when I saw that dick, it was so nice and straight, the pubic hair so DENSE, Ma’am,as a woman, a sissy womanly friend, Ma’am, I just wanted to put it into my mouth and pleasure him, give him pleasure, put my nose DEEP into his pubic hair, just give him pleasure like a slutty woman, while he spreads his legs, relaxes… (like a man..)

Ma’am, last night, he sent me his dick again, another video, the dick was so nice, so shiny … he was so horny!

Ma’am, I know I’m a real sissy for saying this, but it was so smooth, so shiny, lovely .. how to say!

Ma’am, I know you will laugh a lot at me, but I am being honest, you ordered me to tell you everything honestly!”

(which she did – she told me always to be honest “I dont like people that talk indirectly” – even when I wasn’t!)

“Ma’am, as a sissy, even if you told me to clean your husband’s underwear, I will, I am just giving you an example. I just love being a woman
with you in control!

And thats why I love my lips in the picture you sent – to please men … and amuse you while at it, of course

Thank you so much again, you’re really so nice!!”.


She is so NICE!

Even Princesss Joanie didnt quite get this far with me, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if she did, with her direct ways!

Anyway …………………..

Sissy Central is one of our most popular courses, you already know why so pick it up if you have not already.

And a close relative, although different is Cuck Central – remember, not all cuckolds are sissies, and vice versa, though many are! (and vice versa).

The latter book was inspired of course by the regal Princess Joanie

I’ve no doubt Sissy Confessions will be on its way soon too.

Well, my friend, thats it for now. I’ll let you  know what Megan says tomorrow.

Thank you, Ma’am.

You’re so nice!


Mike Watson

PS – her parting words?

“If you’re buying, don’t buy the wrong size!!!” 

“I’m going to bed!” 

(not for Madam the lengthy talks Madam Pearl had with me, humiliating me as she loved, hehe. This lady just kicks me away!


And I wouldn’t, Ma’am!

“Ma’am, if you remember, I asked you before. Your foot size is between 36 and 37!”

Her reply –

“How do you know!” 

I repeated myself.

“Alright then!”

and in a huff, so SEXY, Madam was off!


And this 36 foot size is so nice – most of the ladies I’ve been with have that size! So NICE! What an honor!

Findom lovers, and people with the above sentiments in mind in general – Submissive Musings is RIGHT up your alley.

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