“I’m the best BOY! I’m BETTER and SEXIER than your wife ever will be, and you WILL LUST after me and me alone, and give me ALL your money . . . BOY!”

So said Pooja Memsahib recently, in that lovely blue sari of hers, hiked up to mid calf . . .

. . . or she SHOULD say it, at any rate!

If she did, or even make a mention of it, I’d probably erupt right there and then.

But truth be told, her cunning, cool, calculating and SEXY black eyes (of a viper!) tell me ALL I need to know.

Those judging eyes.

Those EYES with that look that say more than words ever could, even those above!

Pooja Madam JI with one foot in the water as I wash her feet reverently, thanking her up and down for the chance.

And drinking the dirty water later, as Mr. Priyanka often made me do!

And staring at her lovely SOLE, which is perched right inf ront o fmy FACE, just the right size, on a comfortable footstool, nice and soft while I kneel (truly kneel!) in front of her tending to her feet . . .

(and of course, she’s in a recliner rocking back and forth!)

And of course, she’s looking me straight in the eye as we speak, or as I WORK!

Thank you, Madam, I go for about the umpteenth time, and she just stares at me, black eyes KNOWING and cunning, CONFIDENT in the TOTAL AND UTTER dominance she has over me!!!

And suddenly.


I get kicked to the side of my face, but the foot moves back into position very quickly, and I’m talking to her soles yet again.

(Thank you Madam Susan! ?. The lessons you taught me will remain a LIFETIME and then some!).

And . . .

“I’m the supreme Goddess, boy! Your wife and SO could never compare to me!”


“You lust after me don’t you?”


“You think of ME while having sex with your wife, don’t you (if you do) . . . SLUT!”

And much like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, she’s right!

Except for the having sex part in my case! ?

And she’s also right that she’s a true Goddess.

How many times have us men “boys” secretly lusted after another woman and then “channeled that lust” towards our own SO’s?

Hey, it happens!

And women know it, as mine does about Mahima Madam Ji (perhaps that explains the EXTRA SMACKS my S.O. gave me while talking about it! ?).

Women can sense it, and feel it.

And so long as it benefits them, they don’t care!!

And that’s what I want to say today.

Pooja Memsahib, you’re truly one of a kind, and though I’m far away from you right now, I drop down to my knees in utter supplication . . . for YOU, Goddess, the BEST INDIAN GODDESS EVER – – right now! NOW!


Mike Watson

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