Pressing my Master’s feet

In July 2014 I believe (those were the days!! ?) during one of my “lust fueled” writing binges, I pounded out the “Garima Madam” series.

And while the prequel was actually written after the first book (as so often happens, hehe) the first book was very well received, and that in part probably prompted the prequel (well that, and the LOOK in Garima Madam’s eye).

She’s right there, right up there towards the very pinnacle of an extremely long and worthy list of NATURALLY dominant women that I’ve been fortunate enough to worship!

And the beginning of that book starts with a peek into her bedroom at night.

Her lover’s long soles, in contrast to her well manicured soles staring at me as he slept, his floppy dick resting on his balls , those lovely hairy balls! ? after all it’s exertions.

And my wife (Garima!) was in his ARMS!!

And sleeping, and as I saw that powerful chest rise and fall, and as I looked at his balls, already starting to fill or so I thought, and as the soles TALKED to me (Madam Susan was to come later on, not at that point ?), I bent with renewed vigor to my task.

That Garima Madam had assigned me of course.

To press her lover’s feet, and as he snored, after a lot of sex and more than a few DRINKS, I pressed his feet like the true bitch I am.

And wayyy back in the day, I Wrote about my friend;s beautiful white cock with that LUSCIOUS PINK head, didn’t I?

Yes, I did!

That motel room experience …

(BTW, I’m a huge SOLE LOVER – not so much a “foot” lover. That make sense to ya’ll? Probably so, as the SOLE is the dirtiest part, not necessarily the FOOT Itself! ?).

And my friend and me were drinking one night. I don’t know and can’t recall if it was before or after the motel room experience.

We drank quite a lot!

And the next morning, we woke up too early as often happens.

My friend went to the nearby K Mart to “get breakfast” as he put it … and of course a few more beers (it was past 6 AM!!).

And when he returned, we ate and drank some more before we staggered off to bed again.

Me on the floor in a very comfortable sleeping bag indeed, and him on his bed…

And I saw him throwing off his clothes.

And his white underwear, and the BULGE in it as he collapsed into bed!

My SOLE (yes! ;)) thoughts, and I remember this even now, were to take it off for him, revealing the pure treasure beneath.

I often went swimming with him, and the same thoughts came to mind when I looked at him in swim trunks.

He wasn’t particularly big, but his cock was just so NICE! The perfect size and shape actually, and it snaked around in his underwear SO well indeed …

And while I got to slobber all over it and then some later (or was it earlier ?) … a night before that, pretty much the same thing happened.

He was drunker than I.

I was drunk, but not that drunk, and as he collapsed into bed, “auto pilot” took over.

I knelt by his soles.

I started to press them, hoping he wouldn’t wake up, and he didn’t!

And as I pressed, the louder he snored, and it didn’t take long at all.

While this was BEFORE my cuck and nipple play days, and the only orgams I got them were real ones, it didn’t take long at all.

My dick hardened, and how, and involuntarily, despite all the beer I had drank before, I made a mess.

My dick literally spat out gobs of cum as I pressed my friends feet, who was still sleeping!

And I quietly cleaned up, and left …

But perhaps that’s where all the pressing Master’s feet posts come from.

I love soles. I love to be dominated, cucked, and sissified!

And so do you if you’re here, hehe.

There is MORE where this comes from. Stay tuned for a post on how this same friend of mine once was so drunk that he pulled out his lovely cock and pissed right in front of and all over …

… but that will have to wait! ?

For now, ifyou love cock, and related stories, be sure to pick up “Cuckold Compilations with a “M onM” twist”. There is a very good reason I put the “M on M” part there!

Best ,

Mike Watson

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