No hairy legs, BOY!

Just saw a post on WeChat from the regal Madam Annie, a lady I haven’t really written a lot about before.

(Well, not THAT Annie I wrote about a while before, hehe. But another one!)

This one is a lawyer’s sister no less, and equally “dangerous” if you get my drift.

And yous truly cuckolded and sissified loves that danger. Thrives on it. LOVES it! And then some! ?

And on that note, as she posted something about “hairy crabs required” (it’s National Day Holiday here in the PRC apparently and so she’s maybe on holiday or what not and it’s been a while since I last saw her post to be honest) I had to reply.

As something struck me out of the blue.

When we first “met” online.

She added me, of course!

And pestered me up and down to work with her business wise when the only thing I wanted was “other things”. Hehe.

Hey, I’ve said it before.

Money is the most important, boy!

As the inimitable Madam Venus (Lilu before) told me once . . .

I like two things, boy! Man and money!

Which do you like better, Madam, I asked.


And the answer left me with no doubts, hehe. Which I already knew of course.

Anyway, this isn’t about findom (although the only reason Madam wanted to meet me was BUSINESS, and . .. ).

But we got to talk about many things.

Her boyfriend (or the lack of it).

Why she didn’t like “foreign boyfriends”.

They have big dicks, boy!

And the answer surprised me, but I’m not sure if she was being facetious, hehe. She’s far too smart to buy into the “all foreigners have massive dicks” nonsense.

Hey, we’re all the same. Hehe. And yours truly?

Well, yours truly is cuckolded and sissified, but (fortunately or not) does NOT have a small cock as lore goes, and I’ve mentioned this in Cuck Central and several other writings of course.

A cuck and sissy isn’t necessarily determined by his cock size, and indeed, a lot of us have BIG cocks. Hehe. The grass is always greener on the other side ain’t it?

Hell yes!

And . . . that brings me to my point.

We were discussing the penchant that many Chinese ladies from the mainland have in terms of not “shaving” – either down there, or all over the body.

Madam Venus for one would steadfastly refuse.

She had somewhat hairy legs, and a LOT of hair under her “pits” as it were.

Not that it made her any less attractive. Hey, One of Madam Aa Lings friends was the same and we all know what happened THERE!

But still, I’d prefer smooth legs on girls. And sissies! ?

And Madam Annie’s words were like fine aged wine to a connessuir.

(on that note, I wrote about men ageing gracefully on my fitness site, but actually – the reverse is true as well going by my own experiences. Despite what people have told me about “preferring middle ages women with kids” – hey – there’s a good damn reason for that in terms of femdom!).

Not that younger ladies don’t get it, but the older ones, well, SHEER DOMINANCE and a willingless to use and abuse like no-one’s biz (pun intended!) and if they’re from the mainland, oh . . . BOY!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the words?

“Yes! Girls should always be clean shaven!”

And I should have added the following, but didn’t. (it was the first time we were talking)

(and sometimes the vibe isn’t THAT STRONG)

“Madam, I agree! So should us sissies!”

And that’s one of the tips I put out in Sissy Central, a book that is GUARANTEED to turn you into the best sissy ever for her, boy!

Grab it now – it is truly a “once in a lifetime” offer this!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can grab the immensely popular course on RUINED ORGASMS – and HERE is where you can grab the course on (again, a very popular one! )finding and attracting (ther everse, actually!) the dominant lady of your DREAMS from the mainland as if on auto pilot – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland.

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