“so pathetic and in love with my big feet, the perfect footboy”

I dont know why I did up this email – or post – or whatever you call it. IT’s very short!

Like a certain wanker’s wanker I know, hehe.

And like I like to talk about my “not short” wanker too. Hehe. Ladies deserve all the amusement they can get!

“Ma’am, can I be a clown for you”. 


but that I already am – with some of my comments! 😉

And I love it.

And ladies love laughing…

Anyway – the above comment, I’ve covered it twice already but I thought a post should be made it with it as it’s title, Madam is so gorgeous, such a Queen, as I told her, I’d clean her snot if she asked me to, probably eat it too – she’s so NICE, such a QUEEN – so dominant even if she does not know it as yet – and therefore, I think her comment which is SO TRUE, SO REAL, “from the heart” – deserves it!

And this begets the question … why do I not put a course out on “how to be the perfect footboy”

Maybe I should?

But it would be pointless, because – well, ALL my manuals, all my BOOKS – all of them though they cover different aspects of fetish – submissiveness, and being a foot boy – and a good one at that – well, it’s in your face and covered in all of them!

You dont even have to read in between the lines.

Feet – and cock too, hehe – are there in ALL my writings, so it should be.

And so I dont know, despite a certain “Malini” asking me (from the subcontinent I believe), I believe it would be both overkill and overdose – and perhaps “not required” to have a course out by that name.

But if y’all want it, tell me, I’ll see what new things – there’s always a lot – I can do in that regard!

And thats that, a shout out to YOU basically. And of course, honoring Madam’s comment once again, which makes it so worth it.

Thank you, Ma’am, and speedy recovery once again, you’re so NICE!


Mike Watson

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