Becky’s badminton workout, the lovely sweaty green shoes, and of course the green . . . HAT!

So, I just had to write about this, hehe.

I’v ebeen chatting on and off with a lady named “Becky” on my WEchat list. An older lady, a Chinese lady from the mainland, and we all know Mike Watson’s thoughts on the above don’t we? ?


And as I saw her face, a sweaty and tired looking face, but the eyes dominant regardless, something happened!

Something sprang (almost) to attention.

I think I don’t need to tell you what (again), hehe. It was like Madam Susan’s best friend had shown up again, and truth be told, an equally dominant one.

Then beside that photo, there was one with her wearing sweaty, old (ostensibly) tennis shoes, mostly colored green as was her RACKET as well.

Green specks on all the above, and the overall effet was green, and I had to say something!

“Madam, the green shoes, ah, those lovely green shoes!” I went . . . (along with the obligatory giggle).

The response surprised me and was a first to be honest in terms of the language, hehe.

“Well, at least it’s not green hat!”

“Of course not, Madam”, Isaid . Now bear in mind, all this was a public convo, so I said what I did, but then I messaged Madam privately.

Did she even know what it meant, I asked.

And she laughed back.

“Mike , you live in China for years, but youd ont know what it means!”

Now, obviously for you and I, we KNOW what it means. Cuckold. Simple. Nothing really to even “think about” . . .

. . . but I wasn’t sure if Madam Becky knew this, or if it was a thing in Chinese culture too.

Apparently it is!

Here is what she told me!

“For example a wife loves other man, not her Hasband, then people said that Hasband wear green hat, vice versa”.

An interesting way of putting it, and I told her the short form.

Cuckold”, I laughed and said. “Not sure though if it applies to women as well, and certainly wasn’t aware Chinese culture used that term too” . . .

And I wasn’t. And I don’t know if the term green hat can be used for ladies too. Can it? Let me know – I haven’t heard it used for women for one.

Now, what I do know?

Is that yours truly cuckolded had so many things to tell her, and probably will!

And as I told her.

“Madam, I don’t’ know the meaning. Teach me. Teacher and student, me at your feet, those lovely green shoes, those lovely sweaty shoes . . . “

And combined with that look in the eye, if she asked me to wash her feet, press them, drink the water with which I washed said feet, slapped me hard, kicked me in the balls (or racketed me, if that makes sense), or put me in chastity straight out . . .

. . . what would I do?

I’d accept it.

Gladly thank her for it.

And wear that green hat very proudly! Hey, being a cuck can be a BADGE Of honor too in some regards if you think about it.

And if you want to turn into the BEST DAMNED CUCK EVER for your perfect Mistress, boy, then HERE is the course that will tellyou HOW – Cuck Central.

Grab it now, my friend. It truly is worth the investment!


Mike Watson

PS – Becky, as I said, you’re such a QUEEN! Queen incarnate!!

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