My S.O. in pink shorts, feet up on the desk, soles on full display . . . talking to a guy!

And those lovely BODACIOUS, VOLUPTOUS LEGS – and thighs and my favorite part, the ass and hamstrings on display!

Madam just got back from outside.

Apparently to fetch groceries ! ? But she got on the phone immediately thereafter.

And STAYED on it.

Yours truly was waiting for hours (or so it seemed like) to discuss something unimportant and I must confess that I felt a tinge of jealousy as she giggle dand chatted “with the man”.

The voice was quite loud and confident! ?

And while it was work related obviously the TONE in which she was talking got me thinking.

Big time!

And the jealousy, you ask/

It lasted only a WHILE.

All of a microsecond, but that microsecond is what counts, boy!

And as I see her right now, in one of her favorite “poses” after I clear the dishes (after lunch) she’s sitting with her laptop on her lap.

Feet up, staring STRAIGHT at me as I walk into the room, and while lots of girls would “lower their feet” as would guys, my SO obviously won’t.

She makes it a point to stare at me, with feet up because she KNOWS how much I love her soles.

I so want to rub her shoulders while she chats with the guy.

Work, so I’m not.

But is it really all work?

Or is she getting some while at it?

And I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t blame her one bit for the latter . . . especially given wh at I’ve written about me neither being allowed sex or wanting it.

My role with her is to be a human ATM.

And footrest.

And most of that not even that as she sneers at me.

“You’re not a real man, boy! You like sucking other men’s cocks off, and looking at them secretly (NB – I’m pretty open about it, but hey ?).

“You can NEVER even keep it up long eough to make me feel it, boy!

“You can’t even control yourself! You just lick my ass and you shoot loads, boy!”

“You useless excuse of a man!”

“You’re only good for buying me things and serving me, and that’s it!”

And as I press her feet, and she giggles away on the phone, that sexy masculine voice reminding me of Jerome, perfect Madam Su’s lover with an equally perfect BLACK COCK – well – what I can say! I’m trul being reminded of my TRUE PLACE.

And I’m loving it.

And then some.

And HOW!!!!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can read about cuckolding done right – and yes, this is equally as much of a turn on for you MALE DOM lovers as it is femdom, as you can see from the title!

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