That feeling of being “filled” is lik eNO OTHER!

And one EVERY MAN SHOULD TRY, straight or not (or bi!).

Yes, labels don’t matter. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my friend. What matters is if it’s SSC and it if FEELS good to you and provided those two are taken care of, who cares about the rest/

Anyway, I’ve been having these thoughts for a few minutes now (I was working on something else, other projects for a while before that).

And maybe the dream where I was “scared” where another guy was trying to touch my dick told me something? ?

(hint – being “scared” in dreams or “feeling afraid” often portends the exact opposite in real life!)

(at least for yours truly it has, and I suspect if you  the reader analyze your dreams – the SAME!) and while the “bad guy” was ordered away by a lady no less in my dream, I was wondering about “another guy” showing up at the swimming pool peeking over the stall at my you know what.

Is he the killer??

Funnily enough, I DID have that happen to me once back in college, at the age of 18 I think and it DID freak me out, and NO, that is NOT alright to do, first off because it ain’t consensual.

As a fantasy, sure, but real life. NO.

Anyway where was I before all this started?

Well, that FEELING Of being FILLED UP!

And as I think about my friend’s cock (allthose years ago), that beautiful WHITE cock I’ve written so much about, the PINK MUSHROOM HEAD dangling every so invitingly, I remember him jerking off at the “creek” we once went to.

And talking about it (I was with my girl at the time!).

Anyway, that’s not the point of me saying it.

Point is, there is no feeling like the above, my friend.

Of completely surrending yourself as someone anally “invades” you.

It’s best to do with a REAL cock provided you work up to it, but the sensation of being slowly stretched, first one finger, then two, then THREE, and then an entire beautiful cock – oh boy!

I can understand why women love REAL MEN that screw them all night long so much!

That feeling is like NONE OTHER!

And what makes it better for true cucks is the prostrate, of course.

Contrary to what guys think, NO, you do NOT touch your dick while being fingered or while he fucks you, or she does, or they both do!

You just lay back – relax – and be a WOMAN. A bitch. You lay back and “enjoy the ride” doing nothing.

If you get hard, fine. Ignore it! Let the dick flop around, or you’ll ruin half the fun (hint – you’ll still HAVE fun, but not as much as you would otherwise!!).

And believe me, the ASS itself, even without the prostrate has PLENTY of nerve endings that can give you the most exquisite pleasure ever if you just TRY it!

And combined with the mental side, and constant leaking, and those WAVES OF PLEASURE washing all over you!


That is what makes being a CUCK And a sissy so worth it, even more than the cocksucking, dominance and everything else.

And HER PLEASURE, of course.

A heady cocktail if I might say so, and I’ll close on that note – EVERY guy should try it once!


Mike Watson

PS – Sissygasms are truly worth it, and so is being a perfect Sissy for your Mistress. Learn how to do so right HERE, boy – Sissy Central.

PS #2 – For those of you with sensitive nipples *yours truly as I’ve written about before can have orgasms just from nipple play alone and DOES have ‘em regularly – great orgasms, and RUINED ONES too! ?* – YES, DO TOUCH you rnipples. Touch every other erotic part, but not the DICK! That’s the entire point, to condition yourself to be a true CUCK!

P.P.S – And many more tips on how to be a TRUE cuck and enjoy it (for BOTH OF YOU!) in Cuck Central – grab it NOW!

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