Disdain, dominance … and DISGUST!

The three D’s of domination, I should say … or perhaps femdom … or ALL Domination!

I think I should say what I said first, i.e. the three D’s of domination because guess what – – they apply to ALL forms of dominance – – be it sexual or “vanilla” – – or femdom – – or male dom … or f on f domination … or any combo thereof, hehe.

Whether you have an useless cock or not is NOT the point here, hehe. IT’s domination … female domination, and if there is one thing that turns me on the most about all this, it’s something I’ve mentioned before – the VIBE – and the look in the eye, my friend.

As I lay in bed for a brief while this afternoon, resting between bouts of writing for my other businesses, my mind was ever active, as always.

That’s one thing with me. I could be sitting quietly, or lying down on the bed or otherwise seemingly outward relaxed, but my mind is rarely if ever at “rest”, hehe, and I mean that in a good way.

To me, femdom is relaxing – more on that later – and so as I idly flicked my nipples once, guess whose face – and eyes came into mind.

Madam Jojo, of course!

Those piercing eyes, that stern yet confident demanor, and that attitude of “I’m always right, boy! No matter what!”

(even if she is indeed WRONG, hehe, she’s never wrong -she’s always right!)

And of course, that attitude of sheer DISDAIN towards men – – yours truly in particular, hehe.

And as my dick arose (didn’t take but a minute, and the familiar pleasure passed through my entire body as I touched my oh-so-sensitive sissy boy nipples, hehe) … THAT lady came to mind.

Which one?

Well, the one that I mentioned in Sin City Diaries … The lady that once gave me a massage, accepted money for a hand job, and believe it or not … wouldn’t so much as TOUCH my dick, hehe.

If anything, she reared back VIOLENTLY when I guided her hand to my nether regions, and while most clients would have up and left without paying, for some strange reason I did NOT.

And I jerked off myself, and as I came, she shot her head back, as if to say “I don’t want any of that nasty jizz landing on me, BOY!”

And she might as well have said it, so potent was the VIBE.

And so hard was my cock, hehe, that I did NOT do what most normal customers would have i.e demand a service for which I had paid. Not only that .. I returned next time, and then again, giving Madam plenty of business anyway, strange as it might sound.

It’s all about her, and it matters NOT if a lady of the night holds you in utter disregard and DISDAIN, hehe.

That’s the fourth D right there. Hehe.

And of course the lady who sucked my nipples and then looked at my cum with an expression of sheer DISGUST … I’ve covered that one before, of course, so won’t get into it again, but it bears mentioning here, hehe.

And so it goes. The three D’s …or the four D … and I could probably think of a fifth and sixth as well, hehe.

Until I do though – well – THAT is what turns me on the most – and probably you as well – about any form of dominance – – real dominance at that.

And that, my friend, is that for today. BE back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – To find out what TRUE dominance feels like, you’ll want to attract TRUE dominance to YOU. And the way to do that is by implementing the tips I teach right HERE.

P.S #2 – And for tales of true FEMALE dominance from the Indian subcontinent – – an immensely popular theme these days (perhaps the COVID19 “lockdown” in India right now has something to do with it? Pun intended, and NOT, hehe!) – – go HERE.


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