How I manifest Dominant Zgosdesses almost effortlessly all day long…

The keys are all laid out in our flagship product of course! And i just did a great video on it, being in the flow etc, emotion – for another biz. Maybe ill share it here. Maybe i won’t! We will see…

…but for now yet again while doing those videos, mam, i almost – man! Hehe – dropped down again to kiss her feet!

I truly learned from what might have been a missed femdom experience two days ago . Although I couldn’t talk and simp to her because I was busy with my video…

Fat lovely India girl again, so confident in shorts, big feet and soles – toes unpolished, soles dirty. As I said to a certain Madam Ginger who just HAS it – the vibe – she could have been  ginger to a T, an Indian version.

As I ended the video her friend showed up, both giggled at me.

And if I ever needed another sign from the Universe for you guys reading this – I don’t hehe – this is – was – it!

Abstaining for long periods and never orgasming right is a huge part of it. Not just manifesting women or femdom, but everything.

It is mentioned in the chapter on sexual transmutation in think and grow rich, except it isn’t explained in detail.

As Hill rightly noted, you jog your subconscious mind the RIGHT way to achieve results beyond any compre or belief, your wildest logical imagination.

And on auto pilot all day.

Basically without flow, nothing happens.

True flow plus true faith with the confidence and no fear that accompanies it = real manifestation. I don’t care what you’re trying to manifest. It applies.

Sexual desire is at the top of the list of stimulants that jog the mind. Subconscious mind. And the longer you abstain, or as A man – ruin your traditional orgasm – the more you naturally achieve flow, desire, and jog that subconscious big time in a manner you can’t otherwise. Period. Trust me!

There’s a reason most smart guys know that Sissygams literally CHANGE – nay, transform a man’s life gor the better and quick.

Now, the above isn’t the only key. Physical activity is a huge part. You can only or should, actually – when you FEEL good. Alcohol, tobacco, all of these are what Hill mentions in his book as artificial stimulants.

None work well as the ones Nature has devised and sexual DESIRE and keeping it on FIRE, ALIVE –  is #1 on that list.

Ma’am, you’re so nice, I wish I could take your clogs off, press your legs and worship your saggy big ass and bulging tummy forever.

Those lovely fat hammies! X

Women, their shorts, legs, feet. My!

And that, my friend, in short is that. Maybe I’ll share the 20 min video i did on this, but all the products linked above will aid you as A “man” hehe – or male, actually i should say – IMMENSELY in terms of true manifestation and mind blowing results which are ultimately what count ie the results.

Follow my advice if you so choose

Be prepared to be BLOWN away. No pun! Or maybe it IS a pun… 😉

And that’s that.



PS – This post is a must read. Along with tons others in that same regard.

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