Susan and Melanie, you’re so perfect!

This morning I woke up, after a barrage of DREAMS.

And the two ladies on my mind instantly?

Perfect Madam Susan, for one, and she needs no introduction does she!


And hence the odes to her

And more on the way!

And the second, of course was another Goddess. A TRUE GODDESS, maybe more understated – for now – but those eyes don’t lie.

Those eyes – don’t LIE!

It rhymes, I know.

But they dont lie

And Madam is a QUEEN, bar none, and she KNOWS IT!

It’s cold where Madam Susan is.

“Madam, please sit down”.

And I’d fetch her a drink, take her boots off. Peel her sweaty (perhaps “smelly”) socks off.

I’d wash her feet reverently, and she’d drink while one foot was in the water, and the other being pressed by me.

Ditto for Melanie.

Maybe one foot on my shoulders as I rubbed Madam’s calves, and her shoulders too …

And if the water got cold?


Boy! The water’s getting cold!

Yes, Madam … JI!

I’ve never even seen Melanie, to be honest, but I know she’s a GODDESS.

And thats what true femdom is about – the vibe.

Susan? Well, Madam Carrie loaned me to her, and Madam sugar too, and it was one of the best decisions she ever made after returning from … you got it.

The UK, hehe.

And last, but not least, I remember in one of my dreams.

I was “pissing”.

Someone was “waiting” for that piss!

And some guy was looking at my cock, and the folds of skin around it (phimotic, as I’ve often said!!) and said the following.

“Thats a lovely cock!”

And that was what Jeremy told me all those years ago, him of that massive cock I slobbed on so much!

And so lovingly.

“Girls will like you more because you’re uncut!”

Well Madam Ashley for one liked me.

But … “why I can’t see the HEAD, boy!”

And she was right, hehe.

They always all are!

And to close this off?

“Madam, can I wear one of your skirts?”

As Madam Wendy made me do all those years ago, go to a gay bar in Shenzhen with her!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji. All of you! Such superior Goddesses!

Best, Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can pick up some of our tales on Chinese femdom.

PS #2 – As for skirts? Well, Cuck Central is one of our “hot” bestsellers my friend. Pick it up HERE (only for TRUE and serious cucks though).

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