The only orgasm a man should have is a RUINED one

Dear Reader,

Well, so it’s been an interesting few days to say the least – and of course, again another lengthy GAP in posting.

I know, I know. I’ve been busy with several other ventures and dodging (or trying not to, hehe) these lovely ladies here in Southern China, and as it buckets down here this morning, I was seized by an urge to write to you – about what has been going on for the past month or thereabouts!

I don’t know if you’ve read the book “Outwitting the devil” by Napoleon Hill, but in that book he states that when an “inner voice” told him to complete the “Laws of Success” (a book Hill authored, one of many) – the “urge to keep going” was stronger than the urge to QUIT – despite all the obstacles standing in his path, one being the complete lack of success that he himself had experienced until then, despite being an author on success!

Now, I certainly dont have the same “issues” that Hill did at that point, but I was struck by that same “urge” this morning – so here goes!

Two days ago, I put an end to my self imposed chastity – all it took was a tiny touch to the nipples, and BAM – it was like a geyser gushing out … I didn’t even stimulate myself as I would have normally, as I’m a huge fan of ruined orgasms – – and yet, the orgasm in itself was nothing short of mind blowing (pardon the pun!).

That night, I dreamt of a lady looking at me mockingly.

She had lovely long slim fingers … black nailpolish, and oh, that LOOK in the eye, that LOOK in the eye, that vibe she gave off … I still remember that dream although it took place two nights ago!

And as she looked down at me, I moved those lovely hands over to my nipples.

Almost beseechingly as it were. I remember “begging” in the dream.

“Nipples please, Ma’am”, and as I begged, she taunted me further while tweaking my nipples.

I remember getting HARD – oh boy, do I remember that – and as I slept, she asked me the following.

“You need a cock to suck on, boy?!”

“Open that mouth!”

And whether or not she actually put a cock in my mouth I’ll never know, as at that point I woke up … “thrusting air” as it were (humpie, boy, as Empress Cody would have us do!) – and I came – again, with NO stimulation, so it was a partially ruined orgasm.

And while you’d think these two ejaculations would have “lessened” the sexual thoughts in my head – nothing like it whatsoever.

Later on that day, I came again – again a partially ruined orgasm – and this time to Madam Jiji, a lovely lady who I’ll write about later – and Miss Grace, another lady I’ve had the fortune of communicating with over the past day or so.

And LAST night, it happened again …

The lovely Garima Madam showed up in my dreams. Oh yes, she did – – those lovely legs, that long black Indian hair … and that sultry, knowing look in the eyes!

We were in some sort of “civics class” (for some reason civics class is a recurring dream theme for me – perhaps because a civics teacher once “punished me” in 8th grade? Not sure … but she was a feminist to the core, I do know that!) …. and the teacher wasn’t her.

In fact it was some boring dude – but she wrote on my notebook as she passed by.

“Hi Michael. I need you to inspire me to get fit!”

Now, why she wrote this was a complete mystery. Perhaps because of my fitness business that I also operate – but Garima in the dream was as gorgeous as ever, and didn’t show any hint at all of being “fat”.

Perhaps it was a message from the Infinite to me to NOT ignore this blog – to keep inspiring all you men out there to find – and WORSHIP – the lady of your dreams?

Or perhaps it was the infinite telling me that it’s been way, way too long of a break from writing (about femdom).

Who knows!

I do know ONE thing though – the benefits of ruined orgasms. If even one of those orgasms had been a full blown REAL orgasm, I likely wouldn’t be sitting here writing this to you.

Chastity is what I prefer most of the time – but when it gets too much to handle – well – edge and stroke, and RUIN it guys. It’s even better if a lady does it for you – but if you’re by your lonesome – well – that works too!

I’ll close this out with the following quote – the only orgasm a man should get on a regular basis is a RUINED one … for more reasons than one!

And on that somewhat sanguine note, I’ll lop off.

I’ll be back again soon – I promise!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you’re into chastity – or ruined orgasms – then THIS is the manual you’re looking for –

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