What makes it ALL worth it!

I don’t know why I titled the email I’m about to send this way.

I was going to send you something to the order of (hey, interesting how the words come out eh ?) – “how domestic chores are annoying in actuality, but I do ‘em anyway!”

Now, this is something I’ve often spoken about before.

Serving your Madam sounds AWESOME . . . in theory!

Until you cum, of course, and if it’s a real orgasm, then out the window go any thoughts of servitude for hours, often times with an incredibly horny lady by your side!

(And thats exactly why I wrote the tutorial on RUINED orgasms – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/ruined-orgasms/)

And this happens during vanilla sex way too often too, as I’m sur ethe ladies reading this will attest to.

And its only when you really DO what you say you WILL is that femdom (or anything, really, that you want) starts to take shape right before your very eyes, and that pesky conditioning I speak about SO OFTEN (with good reason) starts to work.

It’s no fun and not sexy folding clothes, or doing laundry, or doing dishes. Especially not the dirty pile we’ve got right now.

But (and Madam Suvi would attest to this!;)) it’s my job, BOY!

And what makes it ALL worth it, and what do I think about while doing it, and why I do  a good job, and BEG my S.O. to make me do it better and PUNISH me even if I don’t do a bad job?

Well, it is this.

The simple thought of “Paye Lagu, Madam Ji” is often times enough for that surge of *to be unfulfilled* lust to start, and that’s all I need!

It’s that look in her eye.

The quiet, oh so natural “expected “dominance!

And of course, the statements she made so often! ?

Your cock is useless, boy! You might as well not HAVE one! You can’t even fuck a woman! You just WANT to suck dick and be fucked like a little faggot!

And yes, she’s said that so often.

Often times, she’ll snigger about my penchant for licking her ass.

“Look at you there, boy! Licking ass like . . . “ (and she’s never done it for me, I must say! ?).

I don’t like that, boy, is what she told me when I once asked, and there the matter rests.

Much like the redoubtable Madam Anne (remember her? Tea? ?) who wouldn’t suck my dick or give me massages no matter what!

And I loved her all the more for it.

But back to the present.

This morning, I was busy with something or the other.

And my SO piped up.

“I wish I had a magic wand to do these few remaining dishes, boy!” (I was busy at the time, so . . . )

(and she pointed too! ;))

No magic wand, of course, but as those dirty dishes lie there piling up, I’m feeling a surge of lust as I look at them and remember what she said.

No magic wand.

But she has a willing SLAVE.

And that’s what matters!

And that’s what makes it all worth it too, boy! ?


Mike Watson

PS – I never did get around to finishing the novel about Madam Anne, but I HAVE written about another deliciously dominant lady Madam ANN. Read about her right HERE – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/chinese-femdom/serving-ann/

PS #2 – Oh, and of course. You just cannot leave this site without purchasing a copy of Princess Joanie – simply a MUST READ!!

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