Pankha Laga!

Zor Se! Zaldi!

And the shouts still ring out, as they did with Ms.Priyanka when Madam was hot with the airconditioning on full blast at that!

It’s funny how life works eh.

Yours truly is a “polar bear” in that air conditioning is an absolute essential for him, and though it wasn’t initially for my Ms, when I met her, it was after she moved into my apartment – or after we moved in together, I should say! ?

I’d often fan her as she slept.

Much like Indian kings and queens of yore (and indeed Chinese too!) as they slept, or just sat, and I’ve often wondered about the “plight” of the ladies doing the fanning, doing what is an extremely boring and servile task, and doing it for hours on end!

Much like pressing feet, of course.

Or washing dishes as I wrote about this morning, and we all know why I strive to be the best at that, and other things! ?

For HER, always for HER! ?

THAT is what makes it worth it, but you know that.

And my point in saying this? What exactly did I say up top there?

Well, many years ago I was sitting at an outdoor BBQ in China, and it was HOT.

The lady waiting on my table idly fanned herself, and on occasion would fan me as well (manually) with a newspaper I believe.

Fast forward a few years, to a Japanese restaurant where a couple of obese old farts were eating dinner.

Or lunch. Yes, it was lunch.

Yours truly watched as one of them “felt hot” (and yes, the food was spicy as heck!) after he ate.

And though the air-con was on, he instructed the waitress to start fanning him .

In any other culture or perhaps Western culture, this wouldn’t have ever happened. Unless it’s an Asian restaurant of course, but over there it did.

And I remember thinking about the poor girl as she assiduously fanned him, fanning him every where he was sweating until he waved her away, which thankfully wasn’t long at all.

These girls were instructed to “hunch” down beneath the bar counter as well when not on duty, so as not to be visible!

And that’s another rreason I love my brand of femdom as much as I do. Maybe I couldn’t serve them, but by serving women like Queens in general – well – every little step counts! ?

She’s always superior boy!

And the “Pankha Laga” is what is often told to servants and waiters in the Indian subcontinent, much like in China. “Fan me, boy!”

(without the boy . . . )

And the other night, as I fanned my SO who IGNORED me for the most part (after I spent the better half of TWO hours massaging her feet with that lavender scented lotion Madam so likes), I had a giant hard on (which I usually do anyway!).

And I made sure to look for every drop of sweat.

It wasn’t thereof course. She sleeps on the bed in front of the A/C.

And yours truly on the floor, by her lovely slippers . . .

But I did my job.

Thank you, Madam. Thank you so much!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can read about tales of Indian femdom – and by the way, you MUST pick up the Garima Madam series!

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