Her foot on my chest, the SOLE staring STRAIGHT at me!

So, wow. Just WOW!

I’m horny as heck, which of course isn’t anything new.

And I haven’t “relieved” myself (I refer to orgasms these days as that, as that’s pretty much all I get, much like a true sissy should! ?).

And I haven’t . . . ah, but wait.

So she was laying down on the bed, legs up in the air (while she was on her stomach).

You guys KNOW the pose!

And that FOOT, or should I say, that SOLE stared straight at me in such an inviting, sexy manner, as if it to say, come HERE, boy! I’ll slap you hard, and then some!

And I don’t know why (or maybe I do, hehe) but for as long as I can remember, If I’m in bed (for example) and her foot is on my chest, sole staring straight at me, that’s pretty much ALL I needed to cum!

I remember a lady I knew once telling me “I had to squirt to make him cum!”

Well, for me, Madam, all that would be required would be ME squirting if you get my drift! ?

Anyway . . .

So that pose is one of the sexiest ever for me, and many foot lovers too I’d say. And THESE days, a quick tweak of the nipple along with said pose gets me there.

As Madam Susan so adroitly told me, talk to her SOLES, boy! Learn to get to know them! Better than yourself !

And while this was in my mind for a long, long time anyway before meeting the imperious and perfect Madam Krystal at Happy Giraffe, and therefore Madam Susan (her older friend – boy I love older dominant ladies!! Their dominance is all the more natural, alluring and STINGING!) . . . Madam Susan herself “grabbed the thought out of my mind” and took it to another level.

Such as it goes, especially when you’re on the same wavelength, and conditioned RIGHT!

Anyway, most foot lovers also love the “giantess” staring down at you pose.

The SAME pose as I’ve shown on the cover of “Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots”!

A sexy as heck pose, and the SAME lady that is giving you the finger on the website, hehe. ? As she should! ?

And while my personal favorite is the first one, I love this one too, and not just because she’s trampling you and LOOKING DOWN at you!

BOTH of those things (especially the latter) matter.

That rhymed! Hehe.

But the MOST important thing is (for me, at least) the SOLE.

I’ve often see foot guys want pictures of the feet, but not necessarily the SOLE.

For me, it’s always been the SOLE that gets me off more (along with the look) and I think you’ll find that the more you move along the path to TRUE FEMDOM, the SAME will apply to you!

A glimpse of that bare sole will make you want to DROP DOWN and literally worship her like the Queen and Goddess she is . . . but wait.

. . . We went there, didn’t we ? ?

And that’s today’s tale. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – If you’re into cuckolding, here is the perfect course for you:https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuck-central

(Princess Joanie was indeed the very BEST!)

PS #2 – Go HERE for scintillating, and SEXY tales of Chinese femdom done RIGHT!

P.P.S – I SO love being a SISSY!! A true sissy, a true FAGGOT! 😉

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