Sissygasms are TRULY THE BEST !

My oh my!

I saw a video (a short clip) on my Twitter account, and it’s not unlike a lot I’ve seen before.

A lady (and I don’t know who she is) was showing her lovely feet and soles off, especially the SOLE, the leg crossed at right angles over the other leg, the toes painted orange, and the foot shaking up and down, and that’s what got my attention, of course!!

And immediately, and you know how it is with some ladies, as I’ve written before, I felt a sissy surge of blood to my sissy-oins.

My sissy loins, as I love to call ‘em! ?

The urge to write Paye Lagu, Madam (despite the fact that I’ve got NO idea who she is) was too strong, and I gave in, and it should be that way anyway. Both in terms of life and femdom!

Just do it, and if you want to retweet a video you think is worth it, go for it!

Curiously enough, and perhaps because it’s Sunday night in this here neck of the woods, I had NOT written my daily dispatch to my list today for various reasons.

As soon I wrote what I did on Twitter, a guy retweeted it .

Again, nothing out of the ordinary you’d say?

Except this was a male dom, I believe that retweeted it, and one of the sexiest men (in terms of body at least) that I’ve seen on Twitter.

Bested only by the slim black guy I once saw (no idea who is) standing TALL and proud on Twitter, completely naked, a lovely long HARD and CUT cock pointing out, with him “looking down at you” and saying “get down! The view is much better from down there!”

Of course it is!

And yours truly sissified has many a wet dream about the guy in question HERE as well (if he’s the same one I think he is  – I caught a fleeting glimpse before moving on to other things).

And a short while ago, I remember thinking how nice it would be if HE was sitting on the couch beside Madam (her of the feet above!) and relaxing, with that giant white cock of his (and probably a thick and cut one!) on full view.

The balls dangling, just waiting to be sucked.

Licking ever so lightly and then forcefully from the BASE of his beautiful balls to his asscrack, and worshipping it thoroughly.

Licking his balls as he had his way with Madam, and of course, the end where he “finally” pulls out and unloads on me with moans of pleasure as I tweak his nipples and finger his ass for added pleasure!

(and perhaps with my lips painted red for him too! ?)

And MY only pleasure?

My locked dick makes it impossible for me to even touch it.

And even if Princess Tina leaves it unlocked, I would NOT touch it.

Because that’s not what it’s for.

It’s there for release in my case, but a SISSY release, and multiple ones at that. And I’m sitting here right now typing it, and can almost feel a dick up my ass, the very PRESENCE of it inside me enough for me to cum (Sissy style) multiple times over!

Compare that with a regular real man orgasm.

I don’t know which you’d choose.

But I know which I was meant to choose, and what I WOULD choose!

In fact, I’ve conditioned myself to come just through nipple play, and it seems P spot play as well these days with NO pressure to my dick whatsoever.

Not even a touch!

And it only gets better for the REAL sissy !! ?

And if you want to learn HOW all of this is possible, well, it all boils down to that one thing I talk about so much. Conditioning, done sissy style – and here is where you can learn how –


Mike Watson

PS – Oh, and if you’re into the cuck scene? No problem – Princess Joanie has that covered HERE!

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