The only time (or two times) any Goddess should think of a servant and cuckold.

Not so much when there’s dicks to be sucked, hehe. Many Goddesses like to suck dick, and if its a real man, they will do it for them!

Not YOU though, cuckold. Not YOU!

And, you’ll remember Perfect Miss Peng on this list, I’m sure?

That lovely, dominant force of nature – almost 60 years of age . . .

And so uber dominant!

She forgot me for awhile there, and today, I got the message.

A curt, normal message!

“How are you!” 

I started to salivate. What a Queen!

“Madam, do you still remember me?”

After all, no doubt she’s got cucks lined up galore!

“I’m cleaning my brother’s room!” 

Came the answer.

I sent several “oh my god’s” to her, cuck style. Hehe.

Thats why Madam remembered me!

“Madam, you’re so right! Servants should only be remembered when there’s WORK TO BE DONE!” 

And she’s right.

She’s cleaning .

Those hands aren’t meant for cleaning; they’re meant to ORDER!

And she knows it, hehe.

Anyway, she’s not with me now, so I can’t do it for her.

But, the other time?

Is when Madam Pearl contacted me finally after keeping me on edge forever!

“Buy me this, boy!”  (along with the screenshots as shown in Submissing Musings – part one! YES, it’s TRUE!)

Or, Princess Joanie.

And they both, of course, made sure the purchases increased in value incrementally, and so they should.

Chinese women are such Godddesses, aren’t they!!


Mike Watson

PS – Yes they are! And the fin-dom? Well, read all about it in the Submissive Musings in mainland China COMPILATION. 

And for regular Chinese femdom stories, so sizzling you’ll blow a load in your pants just reading, go HERE.

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