Why Madam Mona won’t let you sleep more than three hours a night, BOY!

I was having a discussion last night with my S.O.

About a lady she works with. An Indian lady at that, that goes by the name “Mona” of all things.

I don’t know if that is her real name, of course, or the name she uses for work . . . (actually, I DO know, but I’ll let it slide for now! ?).

And this lady is a shrewd business woman if there ever was.

Not a single extra penny paid out when there is no need. Always watching expenses on her (I believe) multiple businesses. And NOT giving out any more handouts that she needs to . . . to ANY of her employees, a lot of whom work with her on a “part time basis”.

As my S.O., the lovely Princess Tina (is it? ?) does.

And we were talking about what happened yesterday.

My S.O’s phone had broken, and she wanted the screen replaced.

And being she uses the phone for work, she called “Mona” up and requested her to foot the bill for it, or I should say “front” it. Which the lady apparently did, and she’ll deduct it later from whatever she owes her etc.

With me thus far?

You probably are.

Nothing out of the ordinary there, is it?

But last night, as I went to bed, this mysterious and “apparently very busy all day” “Mona” came to mind.

And I spoke to my SO about her phone, which she had placed causally on the bed again with nary a care for the screen (newly replaced!).

Madam, take better care of that phone, I laughed. “Otherwise, it’s back to Madam Mona!”

Her response?


Mona isn’t responsible for me, she said

Hmm, I laughed. But she does help you out a lot . . .

. . . another hmmph, the equivalent of a smack to the back of my head, of course! ?

“But she gets it out of my wages later!”

And so she does. Madam is a shrewd business woman if nothing else.

And I piped up again. God knows why I said what I did, but I said it anyway. Always been the type of person to say and write what comes to mind and what I want, and I did!

“Well, she could adopt me”, I laughed. “All I’d want is beer and good food, and the second is negotiable!”

And it is! ?

My S.O. Laughed.

“She won’t give you any of that . . .BOY! “

(I put the “boy” in, hehe).

“She’ll make you go to bed NO earlier than 2 AM in the morning, and she’ll wake you at 5 AM in the morning, much like she does!”

I tried getting a word in sideways, but wasn’t allowed to.

“She’ll make you work all day, and bitch at you!” she continued.

“She’ll do and make you do what SHE DOES, which is to do a lot of housework, and WORK At the same time!”

OK, OK, I laughed. I was kidding!

And I was.

But as I slept, yours naughty truly (unruly) and truly deviant had thoughts of Mona. The name itself for whatever reason sounded so appealing, and I thought of her making me do exactly what my S.O. said.

Something that Princess Krystal, for one, made me do, and then some.

And Madam Susan, of course. The imperious Madam Susan who made me “learn to talk to her feet and soles”as if they were faces, and had a life of their own, which they did, of course!

The soles looked different, and . . .ah, but I’ve mentioned all that in the book.

And of course, the lovely Madam Sugar, who is right up there with one of the “cruelest” (in a way) NATURAL dominas I’ve been fortunate enough to be with.

Ah, Happy Giraffe School in China . . . little did I know! And little did I know the Sugar that calmly appraised me up and down the first day would later . . .

. . . but we went there, didn’t we? ?(


Mike Watson

PS – If you love slaving away for women while they put their feet up and relax, well, HERE are some stories you will really, really love!

PS #2 – My S.O. has NO idea I’m writing this. She’s on her wonky laptop right now (ugh, that crappily made Chinese stuff! Mainland China is great for finding dominant women, but not so much high quality products ?) . . . and if she DID know, she’d probably give me a whack that you sitting in the U.S. (or wherever) would hear, hehe. SHOULD I tell her? You write back, and let me know.

Ouch – can already FEEL IT! ?

P.P.S – Actually, I doubt my S.O knows or even cares what I do for a living. Like Princess Sophia, all she is interested is the FINAL Result and the bottom line. Do you have cash in the bank, BOY? Are you aware of your true place? And so forth. Oh boy!

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