My wife’s feet on a RED pillow as she works…

Which of course, for me – signifies – without her even asking – or yelling – MASSAGE, BOY!

Massage my FEET!

And so nicely are they set on the red pillow I couldn’t help but gape – even as I was driving a mouse or some other critter out of the house. Hehe. Baby mouse at that, I think …

But pressing her feet is one thing, while on a pillow?

Reminded me of some old Bollywood movies I once saw where the “lord” – or Goddess – would alight from their horses, or whatever they were traveling in (old times) and their feet would go … squarely on the HANDS of the waiting slave!

Or, slaves with their hands on rocks so Master and Mistress’s lovely SOLES would not have to touch them!

Or, of course, Madam’s feet on a pillow …

I dont know, I’ve never been much of a one for putting feet up, or foot massages myself (though as you can read about in Sin City Diaries, I’ve got plenty myself! Hehe) … or on pillows or what not.

Or in a toilet bowl, if you’re Steve Jobs – I’m not. Hehe.

But it just adds an extra layer of “worship” to foot massage, especially when I see my wife not even using the pillow as support for her back.



Her royal feet, her royal self that yelled at me SO for something that was NOT my fault last night. Hehe.

And as I sit here with a crick in my neck, I thought of asking her to “wring it out” with some special techniques my fitness friend told me about.

But, maybe I wont. hehe.

Maybe I’ll “wring” her soles out!

Thats so much more fun!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI – the LUST your sheer soles arouse – and ATTRACT – last night I ended up calling a friend’s wife “Ma’am” as well!

(though her toes were painted like yours – BRIGHT – RED! Hehe).


Mike Watson

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