Why yours truly LOVES kneeling in front of, and being humiliated by Chinese women (especially!)


Just as I was thinking about my daily post here (it’s a bit of a strange day today, I haven’t gotten a whole hell of a lot done) I got slapped in the face.

Figuratively, not literally – but literally, I wish I would have!

I saw a certain “MS Hou” (if I’ve got the right name) – the Chinese ambasssador to Nepal, and no doubt one of the parties involved in the PRC’s quiet but steady chipping away of what is (or at least should be) a sovereign and independent nation.

I dont support it, in case you’re wondering …

But this isn’t about politics.

This is about PERFEC TMADAM HOU!

She is just so perfect, and the photo I just saw?

She is NOT provocatively dressed.

She does NOT show any skin. In fact, all I saw was from the neck up (shes admittedly gorgeous, but so many chinese ladies are!).

She’s an older lady too. Yum!

And … now we get to it.


Yes, I know.

I keep writing about that, and the vibe.

But every time I see it, it THROWS Me for a loop.

Could be MS Chen with that look, or Madam Aa Lin, or even perfect Madam Krystal (the teaching so called asssistant who was anything but. My ass kicker, I should say! And she smashed my cuckie nuts in prety well too, hehe).

And she deserved to.

A similar vibe comes from Ms. Hou.


And the blue “suit” she’s wearing?

I’m not thinking police

But it makes me want to KNEEL down in front of her, and proclaim her superiority as a DOMINANT FEMALE – at the top of the foodchain.


A Chinese Goddess!

A Chinese lady from the mainland!

And those that have done it KNOW why they’re the best.

And so are you, Madam Sevon. You’re a Goddess too, and you KNOW IT!

So do I, hehe.

You KNOW ….

.. BOY!


Mike Watson

PS – Be sure and pick up some tales of Chinese femdom here. The world is under lockdown, and there is nothing “Sexier” than a bit of Christmas femdom, hehe …

You will FEEL it as you read. Trust me. This prose CRACKLES!

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