What lengths are you prepared to go to BOY?

. . . I should actually say, to be dominated . . .

By her, for her, and hers always! And her man, of course, if she so chooses . . . ?

I don’t know what it is about femdom, but THAT look in the eye, that glimpse of her bare sole, THAT true femdom vibe which will make me do just about anything to be SLAPPED around and debased and humiliated to an extreme . . .

. . . and so I do know! It’s femdom and female dominance, the REAL kind that is so sexy, especially to those of that are true male submissives!

THAT glimpse of her bare sole . . .

THAT look in the eye!

And as to what lengths I’d go to?

“Suck his dick, boy!” (as they lay down on the bed together, relaxing like they deserve to!)

Him pissing on me, that lovely gleaming cock head, and that long shaft gleaming with Madam’s juices clearly visible . . .

Staring at her shit all day long. Like I did once with Perfect Mistress Dana, or SHOULD HAVE!

Ass worship for her – and him – in the most humiliating manner possible!

Painting my nails for her – and him!

Massaging her – and his feet – all night long!

And much, much more.

(of course, cooking, cleaning and being a submissive little sissy in general is pretty much a given here, hehe).

But there is one caveat, and one alone.

That being, that Madam should dominate me WELL, and truly!

And no, that cannot come from “just about any lady” (unless she is mentally conditioned to do so in the right manner!).

Lots of people talk about bringing the femdom vibe and aspect into their relationship, but the vast majority don’t manage to do it right, which only ends up in most frustration.

And I know how that feels.

To me, it’s better to do it right, or not at all. I’v ebeen in relationships like that, so I know how it is!

And conditioning, my friend, is AS important for women in this regard as it is for men.

Unless, of course, they’re naturally dominant and enjoy it, and many are. ?

But again.

To attract that sorta thing, you’ll need to really BE a TRUE male sub yourself, and despite all your conscious thinking along the lines of “yes, I am”, chances are excellent and second to none that you’re not my friend.

End of the day, it’s not about YOU or your desires, or your cock, or what gets you off.

Not primarily that is.

It’s about her, and her alone, and that’s how it should be, and if you’re really into it, THAT is what makes it interesting!

More on this later, but it also makes me prepared to go any and all lengths to worship her. I should have done it with the Indian goddess I saw last night – publicly. Maybe I’ll see her again. And Maybe I will!


Mike Watson

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