Why I’d congratulate Perfect Madam Amelia Anyway!

Yes, I’d congratulate her anyway!

I dont know who she is. I saw on her on  social media.

A network I RARELY use.

But yes, the way the picture JUMPED out at me ??

For the idiots and Bozos reading this, no feet in the picture, no legs, no nothing except a FACE.

A face that looks fat, and yet so … DOMINANT, those eyes!

It’s all about the vibe, and whether she consciously knows it or not, perfect Madam Chan HAS IT!

She’s got it!

She’s a Queen!

A royal GODDESS!

She recently got “promoted”. As if she needs one!

Assitant Manager, or something.


If Madam Krystal hasn’t taught you by now that for women, work titles are useless, NOTHING ever will .. BOY!

And I dont know why, but she reminded me of a certain Carol, especially those eyes. The face. The broad cheek bones. And the lovely smile – when she chooses, but the CUNNING, dominant SLY look in the eyes which – SHE – KNOWS!


She’s probably from Hubei too!

What a Goddess!

I’m congratulating her right now for the following (other than the silly job) –

For being BORN.

For setting her royal feet on the ground!

For allowing US – those that get it to – look into her eyes, and nothing else, and feel the TIGRESS within!

For her lovely hair!

For being so dominant!

Most of all, those eyes, that look, that … I dont know!

if she crooked a finger, I’d drop down NOW publicly and KISS HER FEET!

And she deserves it.

And she knows it.

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Lets face it, porn isn’t quite doing it …

You wouldn’t just like, but you’d LOVE – to PLAY – personally!

More interaction.

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Mike Watson

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