Garima Madam, you were the BEST!

I still remember it . . .

One of my favorite pictures of Garima (Madam JI!) was one which I haven’t posted ANYWHERE.

Not on the site.

Not on Instagram.

Not on Twitter, and I don’t have it anymore on my computer (I did on the old one, but no longer!).

I have it though stored away in the RECESSES of my memory, and it burns BRIGHT . . . and dominant there!

Madam was sitting in front of a car (probably a parked car) waiting for someone. With a hangbag. And sunglasses, oversized ones!

And that sardonic, KNOWING smile on her lips.

She was likely waiting for some poor soul to fleece, and probably did, and those feet, oh, those lovely, BROAD feet that ONLY Garima Madam had!

The toes painted a shade of Pink, and the look in the eyes. Oh boy.

As I’ve written in the book, if there EVER was a dominant force of nature, it’s Garima Madam.


Sorry, Madam JI!

(Ji being a way of addressing a person even more respectfully in India, and being Madam is Indian . . . !).

She was actually a co-worker at my S.O (at the time!)’s office . . . and as I say, the story is indeed truer thn you might think. ? Indeed reality mixed in with a dab of (more than) CREATIVE license. And so in my (for once!)NOT so humble opinion it should be.

Femdom should be OPEN!

Out in the open!

And as she saw me waiting to pick up my S.O. one night after work, she looked at me sideways.

With those CUNNING, sly, OH SO SEXY eyes!

You know what I mean, don’t you?

That look out of the corner of her eyes. She was checking out the guy – – and so she should – – for what she could GET OUT of him! ?

And get she did, a LOT!

And believe me, it’s not just the original story that is true.

The Prequel, even more well received and acclaimed than the original is also true.

She was indeed from a small town and while I took a slight liberty in the original story by mentioning “Gurgaon” as the place she showed up to work, the liberty was very slight indeed.

If Garima Madam is reading this, she knows what I mean! ?

Thank you, Madam . . . JI!

You WERE indeed the best – – like no other!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is where you can pick up the Indian Goddess series (another highly, highly acclaimed one and indeed a BESTSELLING series both here and on Amazon, Google Play etc) –

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