Madam Sunny, and her good boy!

I should have asked her, and probably will ask her this –

Madam, can I prepare warm water to wash your feet?

And she’ll probably reply with this.


You may!

It’s a scene that has played out so many times before because … well, I’ve said it enough times, havent I?

Those that want to listen will.

Hee hee, if you get my drift.

But anyway, I’ve been chatting with her on a decidely NON fetish platform, and yet …

Chinese women are so gorgeous and dominant, and of course, always about MONEY, boy!

And after money, about femdom – which along with erotic nipple play lik eONLY they can do – is something that will hook even the most alpha of male for the rest of their lives to be spent groveling at their feet and soles – washing them – doing the chores, and sending them money.

They know …. BOY!

You can tell from the look in the eyes!

Anyway, the “boy” pejorative is used veyr liberally throughout all my books and writings, with good reason.

In ancient times, and indeed until the era of Apartheid in South Africa, young boys used to call older men “boy!” and humiliate them at every turn (much like happens with servants in India etc now).

It’s horrible, but it happened, but femdom wise?

It’s so nice!

And younger ladies calling a much older man (me) – boy!

So sexy!

Older ladies doing that – or ladies my age?

Just as sexy! (because they’re even more dominant!)

As Madam Sunny said, after I asked her “if she was Goddess, what was I”.

“You are a good boy!” 

She might as well have said CHATTEL!

And … if they’re doing it because of language?

In Chinese, sometimes, the English “version” of the Chinese doesnt have the same connotations!

A rental agent (not Madam Carrie, but she might as well have been, hehe) sent me the following once.

(She wasn’t Madam Joyce either!)

“I send gay to your apartment to fix heater boy!”

She meant she was sending a guy to fix the heater …


but, even with that language twist?

It’s just so sexy, because of the way they say it.

I’ve NEVER once seen Chinese ladies or girls refer to each other this way.

It’s only the men.

And crux of all this – – if it was just language thing, the dudes would do it too.

But they don’t.

And if there’s any more proof required of Chinese women being the most deliciously dominant anywhere on the planet (hell, there is a reason women all over the world watch Korean Soap Operas until theyre blue in the face and then some) – well, this is it!

I’m out.

Back soon!



PS – Do pick up some tales of Chinese femdom here, because you the femdom lover (any aspect) will love them more than anything else you’ve ever read or will read in that respect! And thats something I dont say lightly if you get my drift.

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