Her asshole . . . THEIR ASSHOLES!

If there’s something I love about femdom, and it’s automatically associated with it – it’s ass worship.

Used to be I did it only for females I was worshipping, but I’ll do it for ANYONE dominant now.

I haven’t cum since ages, probably about two months now, and I’m so horny. Damn!

I still remember worshipping Garima Madam’s ass galore, and her boyfriend Jerome’s (and his lovely, long THICK COCK that he often smacked me with laughingly – so hard that it would cause red bumps on my nose, much like if he had SMACKED me with a garden hose as is his right as a SUPERIOR BLACK MAN with a LONG BLACK COCK!) . . . but if there was ever one regret I have?

Unlike Madam Priyanka, she had no trouble “going”.

So while I did lick her asshole galore, it wasn’t for the purpose Ms. Priyanka made me do it.

And of course, no perfect turds to stare at . . . though I’m not into fetish, I’d gladly worship both the ground Garima Madam Ji (she’s older now, so Memsahib Ji) walks on, and the turds coming out of her perfect ass.

Her waste.

And HIS!

I’ve often recalled and still remember Madam Su lovingly running her lovely slim fingers (fingers painted ALTERNATE shades of pink and red! ? – sometimes WHITE and pink! ?) over her man’s slim and tight stomach, and abs . . .

And his compact, packed chest . . .

And as he relaxed, I felt a surge of lust like never before, being reduced to press his feet as they laughed at me .

And I so wanted to kiss that ass, lick that asshole, worship Master’s body like the God he is, and while I DID get the chance to worship his asshole and then some, and also drink his piss (chilled! ?) I never did go so far as stare at his turds.

Point of me saying all this?

Is that she’s perfect, and so is he!!

He has that long, sexy cock, and is in shape, and that lovely ass that needs to be kissed all day, and as for asshole, the sewer of his, or her body, there is NOTHING more sexy to me than licking it clean and worshipping it like a Shrine!

I capitalized S for a reason, hehe. ?

Other than maybe licking the bottom of his shoes.

Shining his shoes with my cum (Garima Madam again!).

And so forth.

Their assholes are truly holy to me, and right now, if Master “went”, I’d gladly stare at his lovely turds and wipe his ass with the same dedication as I would Madam’s . . .

And I should.

He’s a real man, and deserves it.

She’s a real woman, and deserves it.

And I’m their bitch, and I LOVE IT!

Thank you, Madam. Thank you, Sir!


Mike Watson

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