What Madam Ann taught me about true submission!

Dear Reader,

Well, so as I finish my latest writing task – not quite as Herculean as some of the others I’ve done recently – but pretty evocative – and pretty draining – and pretty EXHILARATING as well – I was reminded of something very very important which I wanted to share with you!

And the lovely Madam Ann – as in “Serving Ann” – and as in my recently complete Sin City – Diaries – Volume TWO – taught me this!

Of course, it’s nothing new, but it’s something I’ve not mentioned a lot in my writings, but will do so now.

And it’s something that was brought home to me every time Madam laughed.

Possibly the best part of the relationship with Madam Ann was that laugh – that loud, confident laugh that really showed me how much she was into it – and how much she was enjoying it – every minute of it!

It matters NOT if she was about to “take a stick to my balls” as she so adroitly put it for NOT completing a task as I should have – or laughing out loud (real loud!) at me while I begged to lick her dirty feet – straight off a public BUS!

“Ha, ha, ha! Boy, I can’t believe you’re saying this! I think you’re just saying this to get in my pants!”

Snicker, snicker.

“Oh but I forgot”, she said, without bothering to allow me to reply. “You can’t, because …”

And more peals of laughter – GENUINE LAUGHTER – and that is my point today!

It’s a point I’ve often brought up in Sissy Central – as well as Cuck Central – and of course the pathbreaking “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland”.

That being – SHE should enjoy it – genuinely – FIRST!

That tip bears repeating, my friend. Way too many couples get into this without truly being into it – and without the female half truly enjoying it – and it’s no surprise that the relationship either doesn’t work after a while, or falls apart.

And believe me – I’ve been there, my friend. I recently spoke to a couple in one of my “kink counseling” (for lack of a better term!) sessions about this – and how to AVOID this sort of thing happening.

By the way, if you’re truly looking to incorporate femdom into your life – but can’t quite seem to figure out – or if your S.O. (like one of mine back in the day) thinks it’s abnormal – or you need “counseling for it” – well  – fear not – you DON’T.

The key is communication – often times a third party that has been there, done that is the ONLY person that can facilitate said communication – and if that is you – well – click on over here, my friend — https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/kink-therapy/

And back to her – and it always being about her – – the same holds true for her enjoyment my friend – -and believe me, if done right – you’ll know it – and you will quite literally experience the ride of your life!

Well, my friend that is IT for today. The tips in all my manual will help you get to where I’ve stated in the sentence above.

Question is – are you WILLING?


Mike Watson

P.S. – Oh MY. I notice I spoke about Sin City Diaries – Volume #2 – but I completely forgot to include the LINK  to it. Such is life in the FLOW, my friend. Hark on over here to get your paws on this little gem – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/sin-city-diaries/sin-city-diaries-volume-2/

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