Why licking HER is the best elixir and spirit ever … better than even LIQOR, and especially when …

Oh … BOY!

When mixed in with real man JUICE!

Folk often talk about NOT wanting sloppy seconds, but for yours truly cucked and sissified, and for cucks everywhere, that is what it’s all about!

I was watching black cocks the other day and a lovely lady “lucky” enough to service them!

The men weren’t in particularly good shape or handsome or anything, but those cocks!

One was THICK and cut in an unique manner, and he didnt cum all that much, actually. . .

One was long and “slim”, and the head (only the head) curved upward. So sexy!

He was the randiest of the lot, and his cum SPURTED out like a geyser. Quite literally! All over her face, and mouth!

And their deep manly voices were such a turn on!

But anyway, all of them “had their way with her” at a certain point, and the sexiest part?

When one of those lovely bubble butts, real man butts SPREAD as he “impaled “Madam, who had blue nailpolish on (think perfect Madam JIJI!) … and cocks in both hands!

Yes, Madam!

As you said, I WISH I was there!

With two cocks in my sissy hands, one on my NOSE, one my ass, one in my MOUTH!

The smell of cocks and balls …

.. and unwashed ASS, and so sexy was his asshole that I fingered my own, and smelt it!


And anyway, point of this being to LICK her up afterwards.

That mixture of so many men’s cum is so noxious, such a turn on, and she loves it!

Madam Su would not have two men over most of the times, so I’d get Jerome’s cum for the most part, but occasionally, she’d participate in a threesome – and yours truly … the smells!

And her moans !

Oh … boy!

She was and is such a perfect Goddess and cuckoldress

And I remember teaching a bunch of twelve years old the word “liqor” wayyyyy back in the day in Southern China.

They kept pronouncing it “lick her”.

Kind of Denzel Washington in Training Day when he asked if she had a “lick her license”, hehe.

But anyway.

I love my BEER. Not so much liqor.

But guess what – I’d give it all up – for the BEST mixture ever – the most noxious – the one I just DESCRIBED above!

And if you’re a true sissy, so would – and should you!

And you should do other things too.

All described in Sissy Central right down to a T.

Have at!


Mike Watson

PS – Love my descriptions of the cocks I’ve been with, or seen, or whatever? I’m sure you do, hehe. Medium fans seem tobe as well! Anyway, pick up the best course on cock worship right HERE – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots.

PS #2 – We will get posts etc on the new site as well – stay tuned! But the newsletters will all be sent out from HERE. Those that signed for THAT site – https://payelagumalkin.com in case you ain’t been there will get Indian femdom themed emails, while the rest already on here will get … well, what you get normally, hehe. What us cucks and sissie get! 😉

PPS – If (like Thomas) stories of cocks and cock worship turn you OFF, please feel free to unsubscribe. They’re there for a reason. Cock worship is an integral step and PROGRESSION on the road to true sissydom, as are sissygasms – which of course you can learn and read about right HERE – SissyGasm Central.

PPPS #1 – I’m soon going to STOP selling on Amazon, for those interested. I’ve had it with their constant BS. So, pretty soon, THIS here site will be the only one. Not as yet, tho … Stay tuned!

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