Serving the lovely Ann, and more . . .

I suddenly came across something while I was browsing around my author dashboard on Amazon – a silly review I got years ago for a book I put out in 2017 . . . that being “Serving Ann”.

A true story for the most part, in fact, this one wasn’t just reality mixed in with a dab of creative license it was pretty much reality presented AS IS!

And if there ever was a lady that summed up the concept of “it’s not about her looks – its about her mind, boy!” being TRUE when it comes to BDSM (and actually, life in general too), it was the imperious Ann, who much like Princess Joanie did, took me in hand from DAY ONE – except in a different manner!

They all have their own style, my friend and what Madam Ann did to reel me in was to show . . . ah, but I won’t go there.

That’s what the BOOK is for! Hehe.

Anyway, I got an idiot that reviewed the book, and left a typically “weirdly in an incomplete manner written” review, and here it is now –

Don’t waste your money here
Not a very good femdom story
Trying looking for another author
This one doesn’t cut it


Now, I have gotten negative reviews before, and haven’t been shy about telling you or the others (lest you think I just give you one side of the story, hehe)

But even the negative, or somewhat negative reviews I got (and if you think there are many – well – I invite you to research – there aren’t – and the ones that ARE there are mostly from freebie seekers, hehe, which I’ll get into now) are usually worded well (at least for this business of mine).

I have another biz in which they aren’t always worded so well, ah, and whats that business?

Well, Miss V controls it as far as I know, so it may be best to ask her! ?

Ah, the imperious Miss V, and back to this review, why is this book a waste of money?

Why is it “not a very good story”?

Why is the person (obviously NOT a native English speaker) “Trying looking for another author”?

Doesn’t cut it? Why?

This entire tiny diatribe, my friend is typical of TWO types of people.

One, the tyre kickers who don’t want to spend money on a book or product no matter how good or valuable it is.

And two . . . and this applies mostly to GUYS . . . they fall into the “Madam, can I be your slave category (when Madam doesn’t know you from Adam, hehe).

I wrote about that before so I won’t get into it here, but it’s nigh on obvious the person reviewing it wanted a “quickie” – not a serious MIND fuck – and not a serious read by any means.

And at the end of reading the book , he was salivating for more, and knew he’s have to PAY to get MORE – and he didn’t want to, and hence the terse, irritated nature of the review!

How dare I charge, eh. Hehe.

Anyway, I did agree with him on one point – the introductory $6 price it was being sold at back then.

I’m selling it for more than double now, and the book is worth more than FOUR times what I’m selling it for to be honest, hehe.

And in any case, low prices attract lookie lous and freebie seekers, and the sort of guy I mentioned above, so I’d rather keep my prices (I’d look upon it as an investment, but hey, your call!) – on the higher side!

And Ill continue to do so, hehe.

Anyway, enough of that.

If you’re truly interested in Mike Watson and true femdom – and getting FREE access to all my books and products for a life time (assuming your membership stays valid), then HERE is where you go –

(And no, it ain’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny you spend, and then some).

How valuable is getting and KEEPING femdom in your life to you?

THAT is the question you must answer.

And while you ponder it – I’m out!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Really, my friend. Less than 1300 bucks for the BEST femdom membership there is on the planet. A steal if there ever was one. I challenge you to find a better community than THIS one, hehe . . .

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