Pay – to PLAY!

Dear Reader,

Today I’ll talk about something that every dominant lady – or ladies in general at that – have experienced at some point or the other – probably more times than they care to mention.

That being time wasters – or those with nothing better to do than idly browse profiles – – and hit folks up for a “quick chat” or “freebie” in terms of an online what-have-you (depending upon the person’s fetish).

“Can I kiss your feet?”

“Hi, I want to be your slave!”

“Hello, Mam, please respond!”

And other such gibberish from folks that neither know the “B” of BDSM for what it TRULY is – and neither are interested in truly serving the lady in any way – financially, in person, at the home, or otherwise!

Time wasters, and it would seem that the BDSM industry has far more of these in general than other fields do.

Oddly enough, or perhaps NOT so – it’s something that I’ve experienced as well plenty of times – despite the obvious “Mike Watson” name. Apparently these time waster’s don’t even take the time to READ my profile on the various social media networks I’m active on … !

I mean, come on – I can understand wanting to worship Princess Joanie’s feet – or be dominated by the lovely Sophia Bai (as  I was, hehe) – or meet a lady like Pearl – – but, and unless one is into maledom (which these folks clearly aren’t) – certainly NOT yours truly’s hairy feet (note to self – Madam Suvi doesn’t like hairy slaves, hehe 😉 ).

And the recent slew of messages on my Instagram account, all nonsensical to the extreme was what prompted me to write this post.

I’ve read many a thread on time wasting – and I fully concur with the ladies who so rightly say “Pay to play” or don’t waste my time!

I mean, guys, come on.

WHY on earth would she – or anyone for that matter – be interested in a random person on the Internet offering to kiss her feet? 

Chances are she has enough people willing to do that already. Chances also are excellent and second to none that while she might enjoy foot worship and other activities, she’d love to form a MENTAL bond first before jumping into any of it.

And I’m 100% sure that in most cases she’d appreciate and require – and rightly so – a TRIBUTE before even starting to discuss anything BDSM related – and with good reason!

It’s a fair exchange if there ever was one, and I see no reason why it should be any other way.

In all my books and writings, I’ve emphasized the importance of money (in terms of “giving her money”).

All the attention in the world is great, but without money – well – it just doesn’t work, my friend.

She needs money for them expensive pedicures, and the slippers – or sandals – you so drool over.

She needs money to flippantly and casually buy what she likes (in the case of Princess Joanie, that was Gucci hangbags :O!) – and FEEL confident and free – and therefore, look the part as well – and send those vibes out that you so crave and drool over!

She needs money to put her feet up and relax while YOU pay the bills – and be dominated by her!

And so forth. Nothing in life is free – nothing worth having, at any rate – and neither is her time or her dominance!

Now, this might come across as somewhat strange for those of you that have read the last section of “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“, where I specifically and categorically state many cases where the exact reverse was true, i.e. where I had many a fulfiling relationship at a time I had NO money.

Well – yes – I did – but I gave more than money. I gave freely of my time, attention and EMOTION – and it was all heartfelt, my friend – and THAT is worth more than money can ever buy.

That doesn’t mean you have an excuse to “replace” money with “emotions” in the above case, though!

Chances are excellent and second to NONE that if you TRULY feel a lot of emotion for her – and really, really crave her dominance and want her as a “keeper” – then you’ll do all you can to treat her like a Goddess – both financially and otherwise – and for those that have been in such relationships, you know what I mean!

Alright, so that is it for today’s post.

Moral of the story – ain’t nothing free in life. You pay if you want to play … and for those that don’t want to pay – do the rest of us all a favor and stop demanding freebies galore – it gives the entire community as a whole a BAD reputation.

Off my soap box – back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And YES, I’ve had requests for “free” copies of my “Humiliation Central” manual – as well as other popular ones. And my answer is always a strident NO, and even more so than before.  If you truly enjoy our stuff – well – support us by getting a product right HERE – –

P.S #2 – And if the only reason you’re on this list – or reading this – is to get “freebies forever”, then do us ALL a favor and OPT out. Trust me – I won’t mind – and neither will anyone else!! 😉

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