When Madam doesn’t know you from Adam …

I’ve made no secret of the fact that true femdom is not about chasing it so much as it is attracting it to you EFFORTLESSLY.

If you truly, truly enjoy femdom and want the same in our lives, then chances are you’re attracting it already at some sort of a level in your lives, my friend.

And if you’re like the majority of guys out there “chasing after it”, sending unsolicited dick pics, and what not (and then turning around and doing the exact opposite of what a sub should once ladies call you OUT on it) – then I’m sorry to say it, but you’re NOT a true femdom lover.

You’re likely one of the tyre kickers and those looking for a quickie, and while the latter may be hard to get for you, the former isn’t, and . . . ah, but we went over that in the last email did we not? ?

I believe it was in the last email that I spoke about “Madam not knowing you from Adam”, in terms of the unsolicited dick pics and the nuisance (in general, not just femdom) that guys make of themselves often times.

But the reverse is actually a good thing, my friend.

From Madam Pearl to Princess Joanie, to the lovely Sophia Bai, to even the Indian Goddesses I have had the pleasure of being with often time it works best and HAS WORKED BEST when we don’t know each other from Adam or Eve (or a combo there in, sissy! ?) and the ONLY thing that “starts to bind us together” is the common female dominant (and male submissive) vibe.

Opposites attract, and the above two vibes certainly do, especially if youre in mainland China!

And I’ve often wondered how it works best this way.

Could it be that life is the opposite of what we’re told to do i.e. be “logical” about choosing our partners as opposed to following our HEARTS?

And while doing the former, get divorced several times over, and then some, and more . . .

Domestic violence, daily discord, and more in so called marriages done for the sake of “logic” and of course, the cheating that goes on  . . .

As opposed to a true (at least initially) meeting of the minds!

Believe it or not, even in today’s highly polarized world it’s a lot easier to get along with the opposite sex if the INITIAL and sexual vibe is strong enough and there is TRUE respect and mutual attraction.

The above might sound strange, but believe me, most of the ladies I’m with are (and this is just one example) ardent supporters of wearing a mask during the COVID whereas yours truly is (for obvious reasons, or should I say reasons that should be obvious to everyone, but aren’t!) – anything but “for it” and the atmosphere of fear being created globally!

And I don’t bring that up to discuss the virus (a discussion I’ve gotten tired of having, hehe).

I bring it up to show you what is possible, given the right vibe, my friend, and I’m simply showing you the circumstances in which it’s occurred for me and will for you too – if you let it!

And that is enough of that.

For now, if you haven’t yet attracted the dominant female of your dreams – well then you owe it to yourself and your LIFE, my friend to get my course on doing so pronto – right HERE.


Mike Watson

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