The pair of soles that brought me to a semi-ruined orgasm last night!

So there I was, lying in bed. It was around 1 AM or so, and I was doing so (after a good dinner, hehe) that I often do when in bed – that being practice what I preach in terms of mental conditioning.

Often times when I go to bed, I’m so pre-occupied with work, the next day’s goals etc that I do NOT think about femdom at all – – not unless I’m pressing Madam Pearl’ waist like a servant would, of course …

And often times, while I DO think about my goals etc before lopping off to bed (an immensely powerful practice, I’ll tell ya right now) … I think about femdom in some way, shape or form after that – if I haven’t already, that is.

It could be being a cuck. It could be cooking seafood for Madam Pearl. It could be listening to Madam Susan put me down, and so forth … Could be anything, really, so long as the “tap tap tap” repetition principle that the great Claude Bristol mentioned in the Magic Of Believing and that I mention in my books is used to ingrain FEMDOM another notch or so deeper into my subconscious mind.

Again, I’ve just given away another very powerful tip for free – – something I normally only tell paying clients or mention in my books. Have at!

Anyway, being my goals involved Vietnam, I was researching said country on the Internet. I’ve never been there, and want to go, and will – – watch this space for more!

And I was trying to find out which areas would suit me most – when I saw a picture of a Vietnamese girls online – or many, actually.

They were massage workers, and if you’ve read Sin City Diaries, or followed me in general, or have read my books … in fact, even if ALL you have done is read my world famous “Owned by Madam Aa Ling”, well, you KNOW my fascination with ladies of the night and massage girls in general, hehe, and I don’t mean them “doing their job” if you get my drift!

There is something so special about being dominated by a lady from the above category. That look in the eye, that naughty look of “I know what you want”, borne out of sheer EXPERIENCE, and when she DOES know, that tweak of the nipple, the ensuing giggle, and the underlying vibe of “The other men get the goodies, boy, but you’re  just even more of a tool than they are to further my income in the easiest manner possible!”

And so it goes, hehe. Truly one of the sexiest in terms of femdom and so forth … And last night, as I looked at a bunch of massage workers in Hanoi, Vietnam, ONE stood out.

Nothing special to look at, but she was wearing a short black dress, legs shown to great effect, and of course them eyes, them EYES, that look in the eyes … and those lovely Vietnamese soles!

I’ve written about how China used to be (specifically, the city I refer to as Sin City) used to be the best place in terms of finding ladies from above categories, in all the interesting “categories” we know so well, but I feel Vietnam is taking over now (don’t get me wrong though – in terms of general femdom, china is STILL the best place to be!) … and that’s another reason I want to go there, hehe.

As I did what I often do, play with my nipples and DENY myself thereafter something told me tonight was going to be different.

I imagined her, with her feet by my side, giggling with that “look in the eye” as she played with my nipples.

And perhaps insert a lubed (oiled) finger in my ass.

“That’s what you want, boy! I know it!” Snicker, snicker, all the time looking at those lovely soles and legs, and that look in the eye, the whole shebang (pun intended!).

OR perhaps … the other lady I’ve mentioned (from the barber Salon) in Sin City Diaries. The one that didn’t know what I wanted, and was annoyed about to having to a touch a foreign devil’s cock and that suddenly realized.

“Ohhhhhhh! You want my soles, boy!” (accompanied with another look of derision and annoyance!)

And I flicked my nipples expertly, as I’ve been well trained, but instead of stopping … I kept doing it.

I did NOT touch my dick.

And then I abruptly stopped, using a technique from the world famous “15 ways on how to give him a ruined orgasm – and keep him GROVELLING for MORE!

I thought nothing would happen. But last night was different, as I said!

And cum blasted out of my penis – except not quite.

“Ah…” I moaned in ecstasy, but just for a little while – – and although I didn’t “spurt” a lot, the amount of cum was mind boggling anyway, and I cupped my hand as if by reflex, as the lady (world famous by now too, I’m sure!) in the brother did all those years ago.

And as I looked at the cum, and then went to the bathroom to wash it off, I understand how she felt. So sticky, and took me a while to wash it off.

And I wasn’t sated, of course. That’s the beauty of P spot orgasms, or ruined orgasms – you can KEEP going if done right.

And although this was a semi-ruined orgasm in that I did “come” at least one spurt, it wasn’t a full orgasm by any means. Sort of like the most inventive sub orgasm I’ve mentioned in my emails before – you’ll have to read that one if you haven’t already!

And then I tossed and turned before finally falling asleep around 4 AM.

Someday, I’ll meet her – in fact I KNOW I will.

I can FEEL it.

Nothing is impossible for the willing MIND. No goals are too lofty, no aims too high … whatever the mind can imagine, the mind truly can achieve, and truer words were never spoken by the late and GREAT Napoleon Hill!


Mike Watson

P.S. – As I did this, I kept chanting a phrase, something that has been INGRAINED in me by the lovely Ms. Priyanka, and something I’ve never forgotten. A phrase in Hindi … and while obviously China and Vietnam do NOT speak the language – vibes are what count! Hehe. Not to mention that the girls there find foreign devils speaking foreign languages in “a deep voice” exceedingly SEXY …

P.S #2 – As Ms. Priyanka taught me, then. Paye Lagu, Madam … and it’s something I might well make a TITLE of one of my books down the line. Watch this space for more! In the meantime, be sure to check out the Indian Goddess series right HERE – you’ll love it!

P.P.S – Paye lagu, malkin. Paye lagu!

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