“I am an elite in China!”

So, on with the tale,  as promised!

Madam Jojo said (as I said in the last email) after a very very long discussion, that she was … ELITE!

And of course, despite the fact she was actually wrong, I didn’t tell her otherwise, hehe.

And as I asked her what she thought I liked the most about what she said …

“What” ?

And I’m sure you, the reader remember what I said thereafter!

But it did NOT end there, of course. She replied a while later (note the delays! Madam is busy!) … with several “huge laughs” if I might say so … and made the following comment.

“I’m elite in China!”

And I replied with …

“You’re elite anywhere, Madam. You know it, and so do I!”.

“It’s a good thing (for me) to remember when we get into an argument, or even discuss something”, I continued in a shy vein. “No matter what the topic …”

And I let the words “hang in the air”. I want to see what she says – – but I have no doubt what she will say – – and on that note, that’s another affirmation for yall out there!

She is always right – and always ELITE – – and that’s a FACT of life when it comes to femdom, my friend.

And while I’m writing this post before she replies, I’ll finish it after … or if.

What do I want to say?

Well, just this …

“Madam, I should always remember my place. Always below your foot….”

“Always below your lovely Chinese foot, Madam Jojo!”

“Your foreign servant knows his place!”

And so forth, and that’s what I want to say – – and it’s true, my friend.

Never forget your place as a true submissive – and while I thought I’d “wait” until she replies … she may not for a while, so I’ll end here!

More to come, of course!

Best ,

Mike Watson

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P.S #2- And so are YOU, Goddess Jojo!

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