No backchat, boy!

So, as I was getting my S.O. green tea today, I started to snicker.

While Madam enjoys green tea, milk tea, and pretty much all forms of tea except the one yours truly enjoys which is BLACK tea (hong cha, in Chinese aka red tea) … she usually always never finishes her tea before I offer her some.

Or, she’ll finish hers, and hold her cup out.

“More tea, boy!” and though it’s said in a very jocular manner, you’d think she was ordering it at a restaurant, hehe.

Often times she’ll ask for tea in that manner, and today I predicted her request (demand??) BEFORE she asked.

Always the good slave, is yours truly, but I made ONE mistake.

I giggled – – or snickered while pouring the tea. Madam had not finished her tea, and gulped it down before returning to her video game … something that these lovely ladies love to do apparently.

But not before mentioning the following in a very jocular yet confident manner.

“No backchat, boy!”

And the words ring out in my years as my own tea lies UNDRANK, and I sit here writing this to you!

Anyway, on the topic of video games, Madam Alexa played for like 10 hours yesterday – – at a stretch apparently from what she is saying. Something that has been quite BEYOND me, no matter how much I try …

And what I told her was this.

“Try not to play for so long, Madam!”

“Do some exercise. Jump rope or something. Get the blood flowing, as it were…”

Well, shes been exercising apparently from what she says, but the most pertinent point to our conversation was when I told her this “No sub to rub your neck now, so …”

This lovely lady is currently in between subs, and definitely not “pursuing” subs either. She has it on point, if it happens it happens, and the way she thinks about it is the way I DO – and that is probably why we are chatting now anyway, hehe.

And back on topic – that’s just another example of how to integrate femdom into your daily life, and do so without being overly “blunt” about it.

The slightest of words, the littlest of actions, the most “trivial” and “casually said” words … all can weave MAGIC, as you know, and that’s the beauty of true femdom!

And that’s that for this post. I’ll be back shortly … I’m off to make MORE tea now for Madam!


Mike Watson

P.S. – No backchat is ONE of the rules mentioned in my pathbreaking “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”, a book that will have YOU attracting femdom to yourself like moths to a flame. Get it right HERE, my friend.

P.S #2 – Sometimes my S.O. will just up and bang her cup on the table, kind of her equivalent of “tinkling the bell”, hehe, if you get my drift. All so sexy, and reminds me of the time I’d press Madam Anne’s legs at night … wake up to get her water in the middle of the night … and bring her tea in BED in the morning, hehe. TRUE femdom as it were and I enjoyed every bit!

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