The pink slippers where it all started …

Those pink flip flops. Madam Priyanka (NOT her real name, by the way) – or should I say “My Ms.”.

That sneaky, sexy, conniving LOOK in the eye, that SPARKLE in the eye ,and that LOOK in the eye … and that FOOT on the table, sole evidently clear as she watched a move with yours truly.

She was relaxed indeed in the darkened room, and I was anything but, although I seemed like I was!

Make believe does NOT work most of the time unless you’re good at it, and though I think I was back then, the ONLY thing I wanted to do at that point (movie be damned) was – – as a lot of lovely Chinese ladies never tire of telling me – press her feet – and her back an shoulders too, preferably!

Both at the same time, or in turns …!

And more, hehe.

And those beautiful feet belonged to a 19 year Indian Goddess who … ah, but readers of the series KNOW what happened … and as they say. You never forget your first love, do you?

And the same way, you never forget your first crush (or perhaps your first love was your first crush, or vice versa).

Most of all, you never forget your first Goddess – much like you NEVER EVER forget the first time you sucked cock, hehe.

And many other things, but while this isn’t a treatise on “first things or times you never forget”, I’m saying this to bring up the fact that the “Indian Goddess” series is by far the MOST popular book I’ve got out there – despite the VAST BULK of my writing being done with Chinese girls as the “star casts” of the book!

Despite the fact that this, and the Garima Madam series are the only two real Indian femdom series I’ve penned.

And despite the fact that I was still somewhat “callow” at the time I wrote the Indian Goddess series (well, not in terms of my writing, but the formatting etc … all superfluous, but sometimes, the little things matter – hehe).

Callow in terms of knowing to do my own thing – and not necessarily go with a publisher … but no, I don’t regret the decision one damned bit. They’re great guys, but nothing compares to going it on your own – and the travails that come with it, hehe.

TheIndian Goddess” series, as MOST of my books, if not all was written in the flow, and is REALITY more than anything else. Mixed in with a healthy dose of creative license – – but YES – Madam Pooja, for one WAS the “overweight” and seemingly “old” air hostess in Air India … and NONE of that mattered to me, even when she was beside the gorgeous young Priyanka.

Her mind matters – and nothing else, when it comes to true femdom. Not her looks, not her body, not her anything else … the mind, and the KNOWLEDGE – – or her being secure in the knowledge that she lords it over you – and that she is always superior – and the  VIBES, of course!

Vibes are what enable everything, and that one fateful night when I met her outside the library in the Southern United States … well .. little did I know that night – – and the pink flop flops she wore that night would change me in ways I couldn’t even IMAGINE at that point!

And for those interested – HERE is where you can read about it – –

OK, my friend. That’s the trip down memory lane for now. Ill be back again later – – but that’s probably why this series is the most popular.

Because it’s real – not any more or less than the other books and experience I’ve written about, but also the FIRST – and as they say, we never forget … ah, but we went there, did we not? ?


Mike Watson

P.S. – Along with Indian femdom, here is where you can browse our very extensive collection of Chinese femdom –

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