“Off with you, BOY!”

Jagriti Ma’am, Paye Lagu – Madam JI!!!!!!!!!

Years later, I dont know why I felt the need to update this one with her name, but anyway – on with it!

Often times (and a few years back, of course), Madam Priyanka would be resting – either on the couch or the bed – or just relaxing in general with her feet up.

I’d often times be pressing her feet in a very servile position indeed – often times while she was on the phone.

And suddenly, without warning, she’d look at me OH SO IMPERIOUSLY, and I’d feel that stare.

And the look in the eyes, of course – that piercing, probing DOMINANT look that might have been a kick to the nuts, so surely did it stop me in my tracks!

“Out, boy!”, She’d command, and I’d disappear quicker than butter melts in a steaming hot OVEN.

I remember seeing a Pakistani soap opera once where the Madam of the house (as they say in those parts, literally!) was relaxing comfortable as a servant girl (unfortunate, but true, but as I’ve said before, they still have domestic servants in those parts of the world!) was massaging her feet diligently. . .

All while Madam crooned in pleasure, and kept barking out orders, and all of a sudden …

Off with you, bitch!

And while doing she lifted one foot up – the FRONT of the foot clearly visible, the toes painted that delectable shade of red still sharp in my mind – aimed straight at the servant’s nose, and off she went, to be replaced by another!

Such a pity, of course, that a man wasn’t on the receiving end of that kick.

It didn’t actually hit the girl in question,but it almost did, of course, and you true femdom lovers KNOW what I BE Talking about, hehe.

And of course, I’ve had this same thing happen – with Ms. Priyanka – and Madam PEARL AS well!

Often times, she’d be truly irritated – not at me, and I wouldn’t completely understand the cause, or wouldn’t agree if I did, but would still do my duty as it were – – as is evidenced by my recent “disagreements” with the imperious Madam JOJO!

At the end of the day, as I have said, I’m always under foot – – less than the DIRT under her ROYAL soles, and so it was with Madam Pearl.

Often times, she’d just command me without the physical motion, but MANY a times, either in jest or because she was truly irritated she’d kick me (almost) away – and sometimes that kick would land squarely on my shoulder and believe me, there are few things more humiliating to a true male submissive than the scene I just mentioned above.

Kicking the balls may cause more pain, and is humiliating, sure — – but what I just mentions really, really emphasizes the mental aspect of it, and as you know the MIND is what true femdom is about.

The Pakistani actress was anything but good looking. She was over the hill in terms of age, or so people would think.

Madam Pearl was gorgeous, but hardly the MOST gorgeous girl around – or even with the prettiest feet (that honor probably goes to Madam Carol or the REGAL Princess Joanie!).

But they did it – oh boy – better than either of the two ladies above (well, Carol didn’t really try, so that’s different, but that’s also a different tale!) … and they did so because of the vibe – and the mind!

If there was a POV that is a turn on for all true male submissibes, this, my friend is it – – and this is nigh evidenced by all the giantess videos out there!

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. I’ll be back again soon!

Mike Watson

P.S. – I haven’t written much about Madam Carol here, but I HAVE mentioned her in a very detailed manner and NOT from a “femdom standpoint” either in terms of TRUE femdom relationships I’ve been FORTUNATE enough to be a part of here in mainland China.

P.S #2 – And I did that, with good reason, in ”A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – – which you really MUST grab right here ….


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